Invitation to Configure

For those of you keeping track, I got my email today.

Res# RN318184



This happened a little quicker than I thought.

Res #17742 - Invited to finalize 2:08 pm EST. I placed the reservation Dec. 31st

17516 invitation to config
To go with Tech, or not!? it's my only second though

tech - yes!

17, time is coming soon!

17,744, received my email a couple hours ago.
I understand what the twin chargers are, but what is the high power wall connector? Does the car not come with a connector?

tech, def. have to go with the Tech package with all those goodies. Jeffaa, the car comes with a portable connector, but the high power wall connector is a charger that attaches to the wall of your garage and can give you up to 61 miles of charge per hour when you use it, with optional dual chargers. The portable connector may give you half that amount and is meant to be kept in the car for travel.

Congrats on your invite to configure. I am waiting at #18,515.

I just received my 2nd invitation to configure this past weekend, order placed right before the New Year!!

I am 17,213 and this time around going with:

Black Solid Paint
All Glass Panoramic Roof
19" Wheels
Tan Leather Interior (May Change)
Piano Black Décor (May Change)
60 kWh Battery
Active Air Suspension

Some interior color options may change as indicated above! :)

BYT, I like that tan on black combo. But black on black is nice too. Good luck with that one :), but glad you can configure!

Thanks gibren!

I already have my Model S, I'm ordering this second one for my folks, I love my Signature, went Pearl White with Black Interior, Dark Rim's, Spoiler, Pano Roof an it's a P85. She's so sexy, my wife is jealous of her... ;)

I also just calculated that Tesla has invited at least 3000 people to configure their Model S's in just two weeks. That is quick. Make of it what you will.

BYT, that Signature sounds sweet. I am sure my wife would be jealous too. She is happy with her Nissan Leaf that she is driving. Once she gets a hold of this Model S then she may want to way! Ha ha.

@gibren 'I also just calculated that Tesla has invited at least 3000 people to configure their Model S's in just two weeks. That is quick. Make of it what you will.'

If all of them Finalize, that means $15 million in non refundable deposits. Makes for a good financial report.

The number of invitations to finalize was totally expected. When the US price increase effect Jan 1st was announced. Tesla said that anyone reserving by Dec 31 whould get the 2012 price. However they also said that all 2012 reservations (US) would be invited to finalize by the end of January and would have to finalize within four weeks our they would not get the 2012 price.

Therefor by the end of February all US 2012 will be finalized or subject to the new price.

For the 2013 reservation holders, just because people that reserved a week or two before you are being invited to configure does not mean that your invite will be coming soon. They have the Canadian non Sig to do and the Europeans that will be done at least along with the 2013 US and maybe before they start them.

Invited today to finalize at 12:23PM MST. Res #17,434. Reserved Dec. 30. Still debating on Performance or Non.

19" wheels, Grey on Grey, dual chargers, rear seats, HPWC.

Invite her to share the back seat with you for an hour or two, and she may like it better. ;)

ghillair, I understand your point about Canadian and Euro cars. Or maybe, Tesla is just trying to catch up on all reservations outstanding to see what to build and when. Who knows? Elon! Anyone invited to configure today?

I just read another forum and it seems as though Tesla has invited all 2012 reservation holders to configure by Jan.31 to get the 2012 pricing. I am not sure what they are planning for those that have reserved after the Dec.31 cutoff. If anyone gets a invite to configure who reserved after Dec.31, please let us know. thanks.

#17,798 Reserved 12/31...invited to finalize @ 1:02 PM PST. Not ready. Whoa!

Reservation #17,950 - just received request to configure. I didn't put deposit down till mid-January - missed the price increase:-( Surprising they're asking me to configure already! Can't wait for my Model S, though I'm tempted to delay just to see if an AWD is announced - would definitely prefer that!

Just got my "Invitation to Configure" today as well (RN324328/17,792). Waaaay earlier than I thought. (I just reserved in late December).

Given that I'm +3000 past Stuart and others in the sequence, how is it possible that I get my invitation already?!?!?

Wow, kbackman that was quick for you. I reserved on Jan.21 and #18515. Hoping to hear soon. I don't know how they are picking those to configure. Maybe it has something to do with what is saved in our Garage? IDK

I am thinking they are just working through the backlog. Best for Tesla would be to invite right after you make your reservation. You can configure any time when you are ready (price increase was a special situation), but Tesla gets the firm orders as soon as possible. Or they even completely go away from reservations for the MS and jump straight to final orders.

Some people have been invited to configure and they reserved after Jan.1. They are probably trying to catch up to all reservation holders at this point.

My RN is 18,750 and was really hoping to get caught in this wave of invites. Things seemed to have slowed down in last day or two, haven't seen any updates on new invites.

Has anyone been invited to configure in last two days?

This thread went very quiet in past two days. Any invites?

Tesla said that any 2012 US reservation would be asked to configured in Jan and had to finalize within four weeks in order to get the 2012 price.

That has been done, they also have start asking the Europeans to configure.

This will likely cause a production backlog well into April or May. So there maybe no more config notices for at least a couple of weeks maybe longer.

Just my guess.

That kinda sucks since my number of 18,515 is only a couple of hundred away from the invite! I will wait. Thanks

Reservation #18,115

Asked to configure on 1/30/13. After I completed the configuration I went down to the tesla store to schedule a test drive. While there I discussed the production lead times with the sales rep and she said they are filling all the 85kwh battery orders first. That is how the factory is setup at this time. I also called corporate because I wanted to add the panoramic sunroof and it seems once the order is submitted to factory it may be difficult to change or add to the order. They told me to expect my car this month. I am expecting a call tomorrow to see if I can add the sunroof. I will keep you all posted. I'm selling three vehicles just so I can purchase this one.

RN322456 (Sequence 16,635) Checking in. Received invite to configure on 1/23/2013 (about 9 months earlier than I expected) completed paperwork within 2 days.

Black Solid Paint
All Glass Panoramic Roof
Carb Fiber Spoiler
21" Silver Wheels
Black Perf Interior
Carbon Fiber Decor
85 kWh Battery
Tech + Sound + Active Air Suspension + Parcel
Twin Charge + High Power Wall Connector + Supercharging Hardware

** Question ** Do they send out the wall charging unit before the vehicle ships?

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