It's official...The Model S is Motor Trend's Car of the Year!!!

They made the right choice. It truly fits the ideal of the "Car Of The Year"!

For sure...I wonder if this is the accolade that finally gets the Model S to break more openly with the general public?


Forks at Tesla: Congratulations! Well deserved!

Very cool indeed!

PS 2012 MT COTY competition rated Fisker Karma too much of a preproduction model to be rated...

Stating what we all knew already. Congratulations Tesla.

WOW...He said it was unanimous! THAT is impressive!

WTG Tesla!!! Winning.

Congratulations Tesla - this will be great for the company and for the wider industry. It is exactly what the Model S was designed to do for Electric cars.

yay! been waiting since couple days to hear this!

And it's unanimous. Congratulations Tesla! Thank you for your hard work!

Who dat??

They will know for sure now. I can see it now, front cover on at least a half dozen magazines. This is simply amazing!!!!!


Wow. 3 major COTY wins this month. Awesome.

I enjoyed Elon's comment that Romney had the subject correct but the object wrong when he called Tesla a loser. Is there a "company of the year" award Tesla can win too?

I am picking up my Model S tomorrow... will celebrate Motor Trend's Car of the Year award with a brand new TESLA woooohooooo

Congratulations to all the people at TESLA.....

Tesla grin :)

Tesla FTW! Congrats to the entire TM team.

Congrats tesla! celebrate away and get excited about making my car! :)

Good Job Tesla. I am just waiting for Gen III.

From the MSN site: "the first time in the award's history all 11 voted unanimously for the winner."

Awesome ... aside from the grammar blooper ('all 11' and 'unamimously' is redundant. ;p ).

Yeah Tesla! Can't wait for my car to arrive!!!! Job well done!


Anyone notice that almost all of the comments following the article were totally negative? Insisting that the Tesla is far too expensive and not widely available enough to have been the winner.

I'll give them the availability issue but as far as price?

Go Tesla!! Congrats on all your hard work.

Superliner: Perhaps a discussion as to the lower cost of the smaller battery pack and the future development of the Gen III which will be much more affordable. I just posed a similar commentary on the MT comments.

Congratulations Tesla Motors! A lot of hard work paying off for employees, investors, and dreamers!!! Fantastic!!!

Celebrate for a day and then please please please do not rest on these laurels. They are but a portion of what is needed to confirm success! The hard work is not over. Listen to your customers and your hearts, then continue to improve. For the competition has now been roused and they have the FULL support of government, labor unions, and oil and gas industry.

p.s. a few too many celebratory glasses of adult beverage... apologies for the drama :)

Anyone attend the NY TM event? What was that all about; anything besides the MT win?

I played no role whatsoever in building this car and I'm so excited I can hardly think. I can only imagine the excitement level in Fremont right now.

Congratulations TESLA!

Hey shorts!... The tide is receding... guess what comes next!


Come on people, is this really a surprise? We have been waiting 2-3 years for two things- our "S" and vindication for years of Teslababble! How sweet it is!!!!!!

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