It's Time to Build Your Model S

Apologies if there's already a thread for this, but I just got my notification

It's time to have some fun designing and finalizing your Model S. We have made the entire process available online from anywhere with an internet connection.


The days of having to stop into an auto dealer to buy a car are over. We have made the entire process available from anywhere with an internet connection. You can design your car, request paperwork and even sign your paperwork from the comfort of your home. If you have not designed your Model S yet, you can start right here. If you already designed your car and are ready to request paperwork, just click here to continue the process.


We want this process to be fun and easy so if you have any questions we're here to help. If you prefer to walk through the process with an experienced Product Specialist, just give us a call at 888.771.2505, email us, or stop by one of our stores.

This is a very exciting next step and we look forward to sharing it with you. In just a few short months, you'll be one of the very first drivers on the planet to experience the fun and exhilaration of Model S. Let's get your car on the road!


Tesla Product Specialist Team

Now off to make some choices... P779

We are P7351 and when I told the TM guy at the the evnet in Austin on Thursday that I was hoping for an April delevery he told me I was being too conservative and that it was probably more like end of February. Dont want to get my hopes up but that would be great by us.

I hope that's not because people are dropping their reservations in huge numbers such taht P7351 is really the 2000th car.

Actually, I hope they don't rush and then end up having to do a massive recall. There's a balance to be struck on ramping production on such a new vehicle, from a new company. I trust the drive train to have been figured out, but the basic body panel, framing, and interior stuff I do worry about. I don't want to be chasing squeaks and leaks two years after delivery! I'm P3883.

I'm just hoping that the body panel gap & flush have been sorted out, since I ordered a white car. The betas have had really poor gap consistency and some issues with flush fit, and that's still in evidence on some of the Founders cars I've seen in photos and in person. On the other hand, the two recent-production cars that were at the Palo Alto event recently seemed to be much better in this regard. I did spot a flush issue with the trunk, but that was on one of the two black cars, and I'm not sure if it was the newer one or the older one.

One of the Tesla folks said that the cars coming off the line at the time were even better than the ones that were at the event, which were by then a week old.

I almost ordered the dark blue because it hides these issues well. I'm taking it on faith that Tesla will not deliver an ill-fitting car after Elon's comments on the conference call about wanting the car to be so precise that you could use it as a measurement reference.

I didn't see any major problems with fit and finish in the Dallas event. They looked much better than some of the earlier pictures.

Does that mean they will modify the fit of cars that were already delivered? Seems like a lot of work!

Sounds unlikely. Which would mean that in a few months the Founders' Series will be the MSes with the poorest fit'n'finish on the road. A noble sacrifice!

Anyone who is a founder and is unhappy with the fit and finish will just sell the current one and purchase a new one. None of them are short of cash.

Anyone who is a founder and is unhappy with the fit and finish will just sell the current one and purchase a new one. None of them are short of cash. (jerry3)

Even if they were. There is a certain possibility that a founder's model would sell for more than a new one, regardless of fit and finish.

I'm #3995.

Just got my "It's Time to Build Your Model S" email. I'm #3995.

Based on all the chatter on this site on production pace, I'm a bit nervous that Tesla is just moving up the "finalize your order" email, but not stepping up production at relative rate. That would be a tad consumer unfriendly.

I could have sworn the previous time from "build yours" email to delivery expectation was 2 months; it now appears closer to 4-5 months (forum members quote a Dec/Jan delivery date after having finalized orders in the last wek). That feels a bit as though Tesla is driving people to commit now, without more confidence on delivery.... perhaps doing so to ensure that people don't cancel?

I hope not.


More likely it's so that they can have the correct mix of components on hand when it comes time to build.

Isn't it so they can lock up more buyers into contracts? You do lose 10k if you back out after signing the doc.

I believe it has always been 90 days from placing your order to receive your S. They are giving you 30 days to make your choices after you receive your 'Time to Build' email, so that puts you at 120 days, if there are no delays..

I'm P#3820, got my email today as well. It looks like they are running at about 1,000 reservations per week for the last three weeks. This rate is way ahead of their anticipated production run for 2013 of 20k/yr.

The silence from Tesla has been a bit deafening. I'm guessing that the feedback from real world driving of the Founders Series and the first few Sigs has Tesla re-evaluating a few things and tweaking their line. Whatever the case, I would love to hear an update from Tesla regarding the apparent slow down of production.

I'm all for slowing it down to improve the final product and I really don't mind waiting a few extra months for a vehicle that won't need a recall. I would just like to know what the issues are.

I was wondering if we would get another flurry of these on Tuesday. Seems to be regular now.

Also might be very possible that they are calling a large number of res holders to get the configs in. Two folks with adjacent res numbers might get very different delivery dates depending on exterior color, battery size, interior color, or perhaps even physical location. I suspect they are batching for efficiency and ease of build as Jerry touched on.

Has anyone received confirmation that their paperwork was received? I haven't heard anything since signing and would feel more comfortable if I knew that the process was moving forward. I just sent them an email but wondered if anyone here had any info.

dubaty, I received confirmation of my digitally signed paperwork the next day.

Thanks, ddruz, so something went wrong. Ill have to resubmit it seems.

3723 "Time to build" was received earlier this afternoon and I just finalized online!

I received my confirmation the next day. P2884.

P3446. I received my confirmation within 30 minutes of digitally signing the docs. I would call them. they seem to be really good in handling questions over the phone


Call you Tesla rep first. I also did not get confirmation after signing right away. But he tracked it down and they did have it and I was sent confirmation shortly after I spoke with him.

Thanks for all the replies. I will try calling them in the morning.

I just logged into My Tesla and the finalize button was there.

Canadian Sig # 24.

Haven't gotten an e-mail yet FWIW...

P4060, hit Finalize today! Nov-Dec delivery time frame was giving.

Canadian Signature #132. Just got the email! Finally one of the gang :)

Great news Marc. Time to spread the good news around.

Just got mine too.
Canadian Sig #152.
Yee ha!

omg, CAN Sig got their email, this is becoming real guys!

Can P179, I reserved when USA Prod reservation # was in the 4300 range. So with all Can Sig and USA prod at 4000, I start to feel it's close for us Can Production

Just got my "Time to Build" email. P4235. I am amped!

#4090 just received mine today, too.

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