Made in USA (CA!)

Has anybody seen the PERCENTAGE content in the Model S from the USA? I suspect that it is much higher than the traditional "American cars". Every body panel stamped and painted here, motors wound here, etc. Just one more thing to love about the iCar!

I believe it is 55%. Since the batteries are a major component and made in Japan, that's not bad!

The iStuff is made there. The Tesla, made here. Batteries are Japanese, and other parts like the steering stalk is made elsewhere, but yes. Much of the car truly is made here. Boeing dreamliner is a great example of how shopping out everything can hurt your business.

Not enough american components. Canada still gets hit by an extra 6% duty tax for that reason.

No, Canada gets hit with a 6% duty tax because unionized auto workers in Windsor put pressure on the Canadian govt to have auto duties. Other than those workers (and the general government inclination to tax anything it can), you wouldn't have any import duties at all.

Here's a pic of the window sticker. Right: US/Canada 55%.

Needs 65% or so to be duty-free.

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