Model S Mt. Evans Road Rally

I am volunteering to organize a road rally to the top of Mt. Evans with our new Model Ss. Tentative idea is to set a date next June or even July for the assault. There should be a good number of Model S deliveries by then, we trust. Details to be determined, but I am soliciting inut from any and all potentially interested in helping and/or participating in the rally.

My initial thought is to meet at the Clear Creek County Middle School (the old High School), as their parking lot would be ideal for staging our S cars for one awesome picture. The Middle School is just South of I-70 on HWY 103 a little past the Forrest Ranger Station. Then we can make the 28.5 mile ascent to 14,256 ft above sea level, where we can have an even better photo op. The descent will be cautious, as the road surface is a POS, but this way we can see our regen braking run up a charge of infinite miles. And, if we're up for it, Beau Jo's Pizza & beer(s) in Idaho Springs.

So folks interested in potentially participating, please check back to this thread, or maybe an official invite thread, in May.

Well we've ordered the 40kW Model S, I don't think I'll be making this trip.

Just picked up my Black Beauty!!!! Im in.....

Cool- enjoy

Tesla delivered our gray model s this morning and it had me smiling all day...until velo showed up with his cleaner looking S. bring on the rally!


I'll look for the wave & grin as you try to fly by me :o)

For what it is worth the Mt Evans Ascent running event is on June 15th. A Saturday. I hope it is worth the extra wait for my red S. I should be OK since I am looking at April/May delivery and so far Tesla seems to be a pretty good under promise/over deliver kind of company.

Thanks tlemcke - I knew there was a running event in June, just didn't know when. I am doing the Bob Cook Memorial/Mt. Evans Hills Climb cycling event, which is July 20th.

It is starting to look like late May or first Saturday in June as the date - but nothing firm to announce yet, as I am just offering this information up should some need to plan around it. Hopefully, I can firm up a date within a few weeks.

The Rally will be held Saturday June 8th with the time and meeting place to be determined soon. However, if you wish to join the fun, please block that date on your calendar.

I will create a flier with the details sometime over the weekend, and post it in a new thread, plus on the Main board and over on the TMC Model S Forum.

BTW - the Clear Creek Ranger District will let us do the rally free, but only on June 8th. Any other date will incur a $10 charge per car. Finally, as you might expect, this will all be weather dependent, especially in early June, but I am thinking positive.

See you then

I have marked it on my calendar, Thanks

I wonder if Tesla would be willing to collect the data from a car to help estimate the effect of the climb on range.

^ Good idea. Who might we contact to see if there is interest in these data?

^ I would start with public/community relations and work up from there.

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