Model S towing option (aftermarket) ??

MS provides no towing option for Model S.
Not even one for light towing duties.
But is there an aftermarket solution?

Toyota provides one for the prius (only to be used with a bike-carrier).
And I have seen some aftermarket solutions for the Leaf.

afaik There is a aftermarked "EcoHitch"
see this thread:

it sems like a nice solution, however Im from europe and need a "ball like" hitch - and also one witch are approved in EU - Im not shure this is/will be

for me it will be a matter of a hitch witch allow me to tow up to no more than 500 kg - just a small trailer to transport green stuf from my garden (I dont want this inside my telsa)

That's a slick installation.

I think I will be ordering from torklift soon. I infrequently need to carry my bike & just can't bring myself to do a roof rack (the aerodynamics and lines are just too beautiful on the S). I had hitches installed on my previous BMW and Lexus (for a hitch mounted bike rack that I still have). I will probably go to the local body shop that has done a few S fender benders for the install (I'm in Denver)....(and the torklift appears totally reversible)

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