Model S unable to charge

Got into my MS this morning and noticed the screen reads "unable to charge, unplug and try again" and the charge port is solid red. I unplugged the charge cable and tried again, the charge port was flushing green for about a second or two followed by solid red again and the screen reads the same error message. First I thought this must be my NEMA outlet, so I switch the connector to a regular household 120V connector, same solid red light same error message. I'm now stuck with either a bad charging cable, or the actual charge unit in the car itself is faulty. Calling Tesla service center now to schedule a visit.

My 60 kWh MS, 3200 miles, stopped charging at 150 miles twice in the last 2 weeks. No obvious issue with the UMC, 1 green light and solid dark blue at charge port. Taking in tomorrow.

I plugged my charger into 120V & the port turned red & would not take a charge. I checked the polarity of the 120 outlet & it was reversed. Changed the polarity & it works fine.

Interesting Yonak. I have the same problem with my 120V. I'll have to check its wiring.

Got to the service center around noon, tech confirmed it wasn't the cables as he tried a different cable to charge my MS but it still reads "unable to charge, unplug and try again" Looks like the cars needs some more diagnostic, leaving the car there for the day with a P85 service loaner. Will update once I hear back.

What was the verdict?

I am having the same issue on my 60.

I had the same issue soon after I got the car. Mine was a faulty cable. Swapped out the cable and everything has been great since.

I had this problem but like @sccrendo mine was confirmed by the service center to be a bad mobile connector rig that they swapped out for me.

any updates on this issue? my model s says unable to charge unplug and try again today as well. nothing changed on my end. same charger cable at my house with no reason for it not to work today :-(

unplugged and reinserted. went from solid blue to flashing green to solid red. dashboard still says unable to charge / charging problem. two numbers to the right say 29/30 (fluctuating between 29/30 and 30/30) and 237 (fluctuating between 235 & 238). tks for any insight...

Lean hard on the plug? Make sure there's no salt dust on the contacts?

I also had the red light on the charge port recently. My UMC was bad and in need of replacement.

I believe the SC indicated that on my UMC, the green light close to where it plugs into the wall (you know, the one that animates when charging) was not green either. So maybe look at that as a clue to the UMC's condition.

plugged it in again last night. woke up today and it was fully charged!?! didnt do anything different. no idea why it worked now but glad it did :-). thanks for input.

@BreeVanDeKamp - Sometimes all you need to do is to give the plug a good shove into the charge port.

Listen to a small click sound for the car to lock into the port. Wait a few seconds to verify that the port changes color from white to blue (schedule charging later) or to green (if charging immediately).

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