More Passenger Compartment Storage Space Please

Can anyone give the latest from the rumor mill on plans to give the MS some usable storage space in the passenger compartment? Map pockets in the doors, closable box on the floor beneath the screen, etc? I am a reservation holder who thought that the center console that has the front cupholders was for storage (btw, why no back cupholders in the same console?), but one of my friends told me it is a non-usable bump with HVAC vents in it. It would be nice if we had some semi-concealable space for phone charger cable, radar detector, purell, change for the meter, sunglasses, tissues, mcdonald's ketchup packs, etc. The glove box is, well, a glove box..... The way this car rockets,

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All: Don't forget, you do not have to buy the Model S. It is meant for about 20,000 people a year worldwide. You may not be one of them.

Tesla needs to deliver a flawless car that is primarily a car and drives like the best car. It also needs to be profitable. When/if the big guys start making competing EV cars at the same price point, they may also find it is necessary to sacrifice some living-room amenities.

My 1984 BMW 325e had NO cupholders. I was driving circles around the cars that had them, grinning. One day I hope to do the same in a Tesla...

Tiebreaker, well put.

Maybe, some people who are now driving mini vans, are considering the S, my advice to them is wait for the X, which will a fantastic vehicle.

Missing the be

Another vote here for more storage. I don't care much about cup holders or map pockets, but this will be my main commute car and I need a place where I can store and hide my ugly stuff - FastTrack, folding umbrella, sunglasses, ice scraper, etc. It seems ironic that a car as big as the S won't have any more interior storage than our tiny sports car. This is a sedan, after all.

I have my reservation in and love almost everything else about this car (except the excessive width), but should I wait until this problem is addressed?

See if this and a cargo shelf fits the bill:

Interesting how posters go to "cup holders" when the real topic is interior storage space. It's an oversight that needs to be addressed.

Not a minivan driver, never have been one......

I would like to remind you of all the trouble Tesla had from something as insignificant as a lighted visor mirror. Every time some doodad is added to the car, it:

- makes the car heavier
- decreases range
- adds another supplier that can be late or have quality issues
- gives people another thing to nit-pick about
- has to match nicely with all the acailable interior options (carbon fiber coin tray, anyone?)

Tesla couldn't be sure what the EPA range was going to be when they were designing the interior. They had important constraints and had to minimize anything else that might torpedo the effort to get the car out on time and meeting those important constraints.

That being said, I think the next version of the car will have 'oh sh-t' handles in the back seats. The Model S accelerates strongly in all directions, and right now, the passengers in back are helpless to keep themselves upright with a relatively flat seat and nothing to hold on to. It's hard to put these handles on the side bar outboard of the panoramic roof - they would hit the passenger or sit in their line of vision. Maybe they could be in the depression that contains the sunroof - sticking out inboard from the side bar.

If it were, that would be a 18.3" diagonal.

@EcLectric - I don't think pockets in the lower part of the front doors would have created an insurmountable design problem for the TM engineers. I think it's more likely that Elon Musk has some aversion to them, or they wanted the interior width to be the largest in its class (wild guess).

As you point out, the OS handles are probably the biggest oversight, as they are essential when elderly or physically challenged people enter the rear seats (have a 92 year-old mom). In fact, I'm kind of surprised they're not required by the ADA legislation.

My hat is off to TM, as it truly looks like they try to address the major issues that are presented on this forum. I can't imagine any other car company that would do the same.

The pockets in front of the front seats are actually pretty good for cell phone, charge cords, ice scraper, inhaler, parking cards, etc.

@Oliver in Seattle - I feel stupid, I didn't even know there were pockets below the front seats! I'll take some photos and post them.

@GAS: Apparently it's a pretty well kept secret.

@Oliver in Seattle - well I feel like an idiot because I thought the only storage was the glove box and the cubby under the display. Are these sliding drawers?

No, they are more like a fabric pouch on the vertical part of the front seat (below your knees). They are like the map pouches that used to be on the doors of older cars (early 70s era, before molded plastic panels).

I'm wondering if they were planning on activating the pockets in a future software update ;). My delivery specialist Andrew Wyman in Seattle showed them to me, along with how to escape when the mob locks you in the trunk. No mention in the manual.

I really like the interior. The ambient light in the doors below the armrest looks really cool. My wife likes to put her purse in the non console area. With the big screen and steering wheel controls, everything is in reach. Small items that I may need while driving go in the cubby under the screen or on the floor non console. The cup holders are adequate. I don't want anyone with a big gulp from 7-11 spilling in the back seat. I don't like a messy interior with personal junk spread everywhere. We got the gray leather which looks really sharp with the black dash.

Thanks guys! I didn't know about those pockets either!

Here are pictures of the pockets from the LA Drive event (I'm not sure the seats are exactly that same in production but good example).!i=1937722192&k=XV58tQN&lb=1&s=A

Also an image of the pockets on a recent delivery in this thread:

I too am looking forward to seeing what (if any) viable after market storage options become available. Of course, I am aware of (and am on the waiting list for) the Teslaccessories CCI, but I have to say, the more I look at it, the more I think that's it's a huge box on the outside that just isn't going to hold much on the inside, especially given the amount of space that is available there...And we've seen photos of the framework, which is huge, so it's no surprise that there is limited space available inside. It's got a single cup holder (there is enough available space that it should include two), a phone holder/charging area that is horribly located (you can't see your phone in it while driving, and I don't care what you say, most people want to be able to glance at their phone while driving without hunting for it in a poorly located cubby at their lower side, outside the normal field of view for it), and a pretty small covered storage area (that, given the size of the available area, should be twice the size). I just am not convinced that it has enough storage to make it worth the price.

And before you point out that we don't yet know the price for the CCI, we have been told that it will be less than the paint armor option...But that's a $1,500 item, so unless the CCI is at most a quarter of the price of the paint armor, that's going to be a very expensive, very large single cup/phone/sunglass holder.

Now, I know that there are a lot of people that are keen on the CCI, and I'm not saying that it is not a viable, even useful product...It is nicely designed, and it will certainly provide better storage options than what is currently there (i.e. nothing)...But, with it being to only item currently being (publicly) developed, and with nothing else to compare it to (short of nothing), I'm just pointing out that, for all of the available space that the area between the seats has, I don't think that the CCI makes the best use of that space. And furthermore, and I don't think the price is going to make it a worthwhile purchase. If it was $200 range, and there were no other available products, I'd happily have it over nothing. But for $400? $500? $800? I don't know...That's where it gets to the point of being a lot of money for something that just doesn't do enough. I'd gladly pay $500-$800 for a CCI that made better use of the available space. But I just don't think I feel comfortable going anywhere near that high for the CCI as it is now, with its large size and limited functionality.

For those of you interested in the CCI, I'm interested...What would you pay for it? Regardless of if you agree with me or not, what would you say your maximum cost threshold is for the CCI? I'm at $200-$300.

I've been following this thread, and have been thinking if TM made a mistake or not. But considering this is the 1.0 version, I'm fine with what they have done. And I completely agree with others who have mentioned about how every component affects the supply chain, and how every addition affects the weight, which we all know, went into every design element on this car.

Has anyone looked inside the existing center console, the one that holds the sliding armrest/cup holders? I know it has vents for the rear cabin climate control, but that amounts to a couple of tubes at most. Otherwise, it's a big box that feels pretty hollow. I'm surprised that better use was not made of that space.

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A Tesla designed center console is badly needed. A principal component of the aftermarket CCI from Soflauthor is another cup holder which is not needed as much as covered storage space. Soflauthor's covered storage will be very difficult to access - too far away from the passengers. Kangaroo pouches in the seats don't provide enough storage for change, sunglasses, umbrella, etc!

I agree with TheAustin; I thought the CCI was going to be about $300. I mostly need a better cupholder (my wife who is usually the passenger orders large drinks, and that's bad enough with my Infiniti cupholder. I just had my car detailed and they put all of my stuff in a bag, and I am realizing that I haven't taken 90% of the stuff back out after 2 weeks. I am starting to think that mostly I just need a better/extra cupholder, a rear cupholder, and a place for change and sunglasses and I would be happy. Anybody have any wacky ideas on at least solving the cupholder issue?

Looks like my choices are to go to a custom shop for grab handles, or to decline delivery of my "finalized" Model S and get a gasburner with a finished interior. | FEBRUARY 21, 2013: Looks like my choices are to go to a custom shop for grab handles, or to decline delivery of my "finalized" Model S and get a gasburner with a finished interior.

There were no promises or specifications that said the Model S would have grab handles. It's possible that they have mounting points already in place for grab handles, but you would need to remove the headliner to find out.

You can do what's happened to me: My dad, that always has a hard time getting in/out of cars, tries to grab the sun visor.

Basic entry trick: back into the car. Sit, grip seat, swing legs. Done.

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