Motor Trend Car of The Year 2013 on Monday Nov 12

Here is a teaser of the 2013 Motor Trend Car of The Year. I watched the whole 10 minutes looking for the Tesla and I was not disappointed. It was the last car they talked about and given the field, it should easily be Motor Trend's COTY 2013.

Good Luck Tesla!

Here is the link to the video.

Here's their poll (doesn't determine the winner, just a "public guessing game". MS is way out in front, with about 1700 votes in.

Oops, missed a closing parethesis. Here it is: ) Insert after game".


Awesome video! thanks tranhv68!

MS rising, to 31.4%, Accord slipping, to 20.3%. Total votes = 1702.


The Honda Accord is in second place? Really?

MS up to 35.6, Accord down to 18.5. Total votes = 1909.

Here's the Accord summary:
Note it uses CVT, like many new cars. Which seems to be a solution in search of a problem. Hurts low-end accel, sealed fluids (& rigid scheduled dealer service requirements), no control over "power bands", etc. The old "chains and cones" trick.

Also note: shortened by a few inches to fit into garages!!

I apologize, it is the same video as in the original post....

At this point (about 8 hrs before the announcement), with just over 4,000 votes, MS has as many votes as the next 8 cars combined.

TSLA is at 31.08 +0.76 this morning. I see 32-34 with Motor Trend's Blessing. The Model S is just the beginning.

Volkswagen Passat!

Yes, it closed at 31.07, with the big kick coming around noon EST, up 75¢ on the day. Wonder what that was ...

Schlermie, that was last year... :-)

@ Schlermie

Are you sure? no confusion with the 2012 COTY? check the date of the article: Nov. 16, 2011


1 hour before the result... I need to calm down.

22 minutes to Elon's talk time


Are you at the event?

No-- at work watching for news....

watching this and the "join Elon email" threads

I have my whole office on notice, we are all waiting for the announcement that S is Car of the Year!

In the "poll" article, they say it will be announced at "6:30 p.m. EST"

However, Tesla's event is at "5 pm Eastern"

Is it the cherry on the cake? Other thoughts?

Note the event starts at 5:30 but goes till 9:00! I have my Son, who lives in NYC, attending as my avatar/surrogate. He's running late but I don't expect anything to be actually "announced" for another hour or two.

MT let this slip on twitter...

Page is 404 right now.

They did it! Unbelieveable. That is a big win!

Unanimous, and all 6 categories. No quibbling, there!

Motor Trend HAD to choose Model S. The car embodies their own decription of what qualities their choice for car of the year should have. Additionally it was polling well ahead of any other entry. Now we need a Model S "TELEVISION SPOT" depicting it as the car of the year winner. (watch the orders roll in then)

All I can say is they had better find a way to get production numbers up, and do so in SHORT ORDER!! Otherwise the design will begin to get stale in the marketplace before all who are waiting even get their cars.

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