My Solar array

Can I use a Tesla to work wih my solar array during a power outage? I would like to power the house at night and charge up during the day. It would be a nice way to close the loop during a blackout. Ive gotten prices for a battery backup, very expensive. Using this car, I could drive my generator, how cool would that be? Thanks for any input you guys can give me.

PowerOne has a product for battery backup. Small but moderately affordable. Not sure if in the USA yet.

Panasonic apparently also has home-based battery systems, mainly sold in Japan.

Tesla-branded home battery storage is also available. Very expensive for all of these versus a gas-powered generator and transfer switch.

SMA TL-model arrays offer a 120V 15A plug option for when the sun is shining but will have variant power output when it is partly cloudy and intermittancy is active.

Even if you could master the technicalities of extracting power from the battery, Tesla's warranty expressly excludes using the car as a stationary power source.

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