Need help from ATLANTA Owners!

I currently own a 85 P+. I am trying to convince my friend who lives in Symrna, near Atlanta to buy a Model S. He was thinking of buying an Audi S7. I was wondering if any Atlanta owners would be willing to show off their cars to him and possibly let him test drive one. Unfortunately the closest test drive would be near Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. My friend is a physician, a great guy, and would really appreciate anyone's help. Please email me directly and i will pass on info to him directly. My email is Thanks in advance!!! Go Tesla!!!!

Did anyone respond to you on this? There is a showroom in the Atlanta market now. Not too far from Smyrna.

It's not a showroom, yet. It's a Service Center, but they can do test drives there. That's where I had mine, and they can deliver cars there, too.

In fact, I'm picking mine up from there on Wednesday!

The Service Center is on the 120 Loop. Between I-75 and US 41.

Walking distance from Smyrna.

@san5man check your email

I'm a physician and I laugh at anyone who would buy an expensive gasoline power car when this car is available.

Cale is the sales guy there and you can test drive at the Marietta service center.

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