New Firmware V 4.3

Just installed V4.3 with two new features:

- you can now set the time to start charging (Yea!)
- climate control adjusted to be a bit warmer on all settings

Thanks, Tesla!

No problems with the update. Everything is working fine.

Update scheduled for 2:00 AM. last nite. Saw message this morning saying we were unable to complete your update. Will reschedule again later. No schedule option showing.


Any ideas why?
Happen to anyone else?


You should be able to get the E9 rate since you have the Tesla. I believe it is a TOU, so charging at night will be much cheaper.
Talk to PG&E about your options. Or check it out at

No one should change their PG&E rate without first evaluating their use and PG&E was not helpful aside from emailing me the various rate plans. Maybe I'll start a new thread on this but to make the point, the E-1(flat) rate was actually cheaper than E-9 (time of use) for me. Even if they tell you TOU will be better, do the math.


Before I installed NEMA 14-50, I called PG&E's Buildings and Renovations at 877-743-7782. On the same call I requested adding 50 A to my house and switching my rate to E-9 A.

I'm getting solar this summer, plus PGE is replacing e9 with something new, so I haven't worked out what the best option is yet for my usage.

@ GoTeslaChicago | MARCH 16, 2013: Saw message this morning saying we were unable to complete your update. Will reschedule again later. No schedule option showing.

Check the version number to see if it actually did an update. I had this happen previously on the 4.2 update. But it appeared that the update did complete, as I had the functionality and the proper version number was displayed when I touched the Tesla logo. No problems with the 4.3 update, though.

@awaite - that is the case for me with Georgia Power's EV rate -- you get $.019/kWh midnight to 7am, but it more than doubles the rate during the peak time so I lose far more with everything else than I save charging a LEAF and the Model S.

I was supposed to get the 4.3 update at 2:00am last night, but today it still shows v4.2. No messages or explanation. No apparent changes. I don't think it installed the 4.3 update. Has this happened to anyone else? VIN 1986

Same situation as docdac. No messages, no version change, no new features. But the timer clock on the top bar of the 17-inch display went away, presumably indicating the timer function did its part at 2 a.m.????? Even rebooted the display, with no change.

I had a problem with the 4.2 upgrade. It would not download while I was charging. When I was given the choice of 2 AM or immediate, I unplugged, touched immediate and the download went without a hitch.

So I saw the software update notification on my screen today but dismissed it because I wasn't ready to install it and wasn't sure what time I'd be able to park it and schedule it and now I can't find anywhere in the user interface to tell the car to install it!


dbourne: try under the Tesla menu (Tesla logo in the middle at the top of the screen). I've also seen a clock appear next to it, but I think that's after you select a time for the upgrade.

docdac - Same here, showed up on my screen, OK'd 2 AM, checked next morning and no update and no way to bring it back. Not sure what's next, waiting I guess.

Yeah, same thing as dodac/cattledog - mine showed up a few days ago but I wasn't going to be plugged in that night so I dismissed it. Now gone. Suspect that was right after they pulled back on 4.3 and that it will show up again once the update is re-released (and presumably they're still doing gradual rollout as well)

Looks like they are on the second iteration of 4.3. I received 1.25.35 (4.3) several days ago, and last night I was notified of another update. After this update, I am now on 1.25.40, which still shows 4.3. No changes to the release notes.

Cattledog, My 4.2 upgrade would not load at 2:00 AM while I was charging overnight. I unplugged at 1:00 AM and the upgrade went fine. I don not yeet have the 4.3.

Both of my 4.3 upgrades (1.25.35 and 1.25.40) occurred while the car was plugged in, although charging was complete. In both cases, I scheduled the update Now, rather than waiting for 2:00 AM.

The upgrades mess with the electronics, and you can't be charging while all that is going on.

Upgrades up and running for 17XX


Also, maybe I'm stupid, but I cannot figure out how to label my destinations. HOME, OFFICE etc. If there is none, please fix this too. It is sad that our Buick Enclave has better nav. than Tesla.

I received 3 sets of V4.3 upgrade 1.25.25 a week ago, then 1.25.35 a couple of days ago and then 1.25.40 yesterday.



I hate relative direction. I love North up. It is wrong to suggest that what you want is a "fix".

Here's why:
- I'm holier than thou, and it takes decent spacial perception to understand North up, and I have it.

- North up is how traditional maps work, traditional orienteering is done. The method is established and consistent.

- North up offers additional information: Heading up does not tell you which direction you are traveling, but North up does.

- Heading up already exists on the left of your speedo.

Now, if you are asking for an option with a user switch, then that makes sense.

There is currently no Home, Office, Favorites, etc. You're right. We should have that.

Tesla Nav is better than almost anything out there except Android phones (tie), because it uses Google and has accurate voice recognition. It offers what is called "one shot input" meaning you say your full destination, in just about any order, complete or incomplete, and Google usually finds it. Other systems require you to go through the steps: Nav > City > Street > Number...and if you're off by a hair, it messes up.

@derek +1

Also, someone mentioned that to have the map continuously rotating on the huge screen would take a great deal of processing power, more than what the car can do. I don't know whether that is correct, but if so, I think TM has the best of both worlds.

@derek +1

The thing is, we already have car heading up on the instrument. So we do have both. I find the combination very useful as the main screen shows me where I am and the instrument screen shows me what to do next.

We do need the ability to save recurrent destinations and access addresses from contacts.

@hnashif - There is a "History" box that appears when you search, although I agree that a "Favorites" choice would be nice.

Regarding addresses from contacts, just use a voice command to "call" the contact. When it appears, you are presented with a choice of calling or navigating to the contact. Works great! The reverse works as well: use a voice command to navigate to a particular business, and if the business has a phone, you can call them. Although maybe you can just use the "call" command . . . I don't remember.

@gan1812 | MARCH 24, 2013: I received 3 sets of V4.3 upgrade 1.25.25 a week ago, then 1.25.35 a couple of days ago and then 1.25.40 yesterday.

I received my first 4.3 upgrade about 1 week ago and it's at 1.25.35. I haven't noticed any other updates. Where some of your updates silent? I.e. did it just update your software and you didn't know about it?

Just got 1.25.40 this afternoon...

Hmmm... I have the update scheduled to happen overnight today, but I'm not looking forward to having problems with the door handles again...

@derek, agreed. I hate when people say it's broken and it needs to be fixed. I would hate a rotating map. I don't like it in my video games, and I don't like it in my cars either!

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