Non-Tesla Charging stations in northern NJ?

I am making a trip from DC to CT next week in my S60. I should be OK getting from the Delaware Bridge tolls SC to the Darien tolls SC, but if not... does anyone have a recommendation for Type 2 chargers in north Jersey close to I-95? Just preparing a Plan B! Thanks.

If venturing out into the wild, away from home in an EV, its always good to look at the following websites:
Remember, also that an RV park or other 14-50 outlets will charge you faster than most Level 2 charging stations. Unfortunately, neither of the charging websites allow you to filter on available charging current.
Another nugget of advice on Level 2 is to avoid Blink Stations as they've had their maximum current reduced to 15 amps which is Glacial. Most of the rest will give you 30 amps but check before leaving your car there as a 15 amp level 2 will only charge at about 10 miles per hour so it will take you a while to get any charge.

I think you can make it to Darien (about 175 miles); plan B could be to stop in at the White Plains Mall where there is a Tesla sales location. You can map it, but probably about 20 miles closer than Darien.

To answer your question, I have looked at possibly charging at Rutgers or a Nissan dealer in that area. Never actually did it, and Rutgers literature did not sound particularly welcoming to guests.

If you get to the GSP/I-95 crossover in Woodbridge and don't think you can make it to Darien, you can hop on the GSP and head to the Short Hills Mall and tap into the Tesla HPWC's in the parking garage (I would call ahead first just to be sure - looks like they have 5 chargers). Easy to kill time in the Mall while you wait. Distance from the Mall to Darien is 76 miles taking GSP to Tappan Zee, so figure you need 90 miles to be safe. If you find yourself in a real bind, I am close to the mall and have a 14-50 outside. If I am around, you can tap into my HPWC in the garage. When going north, we usually take the GSP to Tappan Zee and avoid the GWB/Cross Bronx traffic and potholes.

We took a trip this summer to Rhode Island and used the Milford SC each way, no wait and fast charge. I also used ChargePoint a couple of times. They had a 208v/30amp charger which only gave me 17 miles of range per hour.

I have used the 14-50 outlets at both Short Hills Mall and Garden State Plaza in NJ. I got 24 miles of range per hour of charge on my 60kWh with single charger; you may be able to get more range if you have dual chargers. Also, there are a lot of distractions in both of these malls to while away the time as the car charges up. Happy trails!

Dual chargers should not make any difference below about 40 mph charging, AFAIK.

A single charger can handle 40amps, which at 240v would be about 30 mph charging. More than that requires dual chargers or DC input.

I use Plugshare and have been successful so far in finding where to charge. Several RV parks have been very accommodating with 14-50s. One has charged me nothing to recharge and welcomes electric cars to use any open slot they have-Marina Dunes, CA. Enjoy your trip.

Garden State Plaza is probably your best bet. Not far from route 80. Call the store ahead of time to make sure they have a spot for you and remember the mall is closed on Sunday.

I just put my HPWC on plug share. In Secaucus, just off 95. Probably a very convenient location for you. my charger usually does about 48 miles per hour. check me out on plugshare.

I am in Tenafly and on Plugshare if you need a charge

Thanks to all for the advice and offers. As tes-s suggested, it was an easy 175 miles between Delaware and Darien's high speed chargers. As this was my first road trip, I was unnecessarily concerned. What a great car!

Its always good to be careful and plan for contingencies. That's why we all offered alternate suggestions instead of just saying "you'll be ok". We fully understand and appreciated your concern.
Go Tesla!

The NJ SC, originally scheduled for summer and rumored to be planned for the northern part of the NJTP, would be a great contingency.

Has anyone heard of any progress on NJ superchargers?

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