Now that you have the car, what are people saying about it?

I was wondering what comments people are receiving from passers-by, friends, and co-workers who see the car. I would like to hear about favorite conversations you've had. Living vicariously will need to sustain some of us. Please spill!

Most that know cars very well simply sit there with their mouth open. The car is so very well done on so many fronts that there really is no immediate reaction apart from "Wow, I had no idea".

I routinely hand my Model S and Zero motorcycle keys over to interested (trustworthy) parties. I remember my first exposure and I get to relive over and over with each new smiling face.

I had an interesting experience at the airport. I drove into arrivals where the police usually are at your vehicle within 45 seconds asking you to move along as you are not allowed to stop except during the actual act of having people enter your car. As expected, the police were right at my window almost immediately. As I was about to pull away, two officers frantically waved and motioned for me to roll down the window. When I did they said "No, no, we're sorry, we don't want you to leave. We just want to check out the car man. This is the Model S, right?" They proceeded to spend the next 15 minutes gawking at the screen, trunk, frank, etc. They even asked to sit in the passenger seat. They only stopped when my wife arrived out of the airport. During this time, two other cars drove up along side, asked if the car was indeed the Model S, and proceeded to take photos.

@OCMS: I had almost the exact same experience at the airport last Friday. He was on my as soon as I stopped. " this a Tesla? Awesome! I've been reading about these!" Then 5min quick tour of the inside while the family I was picking up struggled with their luggage. What was I supposed to do?!

*me (not my)

was at Pike Place Market Sunday an dhad a 40 person crowd around car when I came out! one group photographed every part of car and almost woldnt let me enter the car until I answered every question!

From afar we've had thumbs up, several looks (we usually aren't watching so I'm sure there are more) and pictures taken. Up close, my wife has several folks come up to her, while I'm in Home Depot, to ask about it. She said one guy told his wife, "The Mercedes I wanted? Never mind I want this".

Sunday after I came out of a hair cut, a guy in line after me came out to talk to me. I ended up giving him a "quick" ride. He was just thrilled, and we had fun talking it up.

It's a thrill...let's enjoy it while these are rare.

I also keep brochures handy to give to the many people asking about the car. There is a new brochure available.
When it seems right, I also give them a Tesla key fob.
The interest level doesn't seem to be getting less- actually more folks are asking and looking
There are times I look out from a store or restaurant and there are several people examining the car... and I can not resist blowing the horn from my smart phone! Usually evokes some very interesting behaviors... looking inside and around the car to figure out why the horn blew. If possible, I do then try and answer questions, etc.

So the S is fun even when I am not driving it!

Many of us are still living vicariously through your stories, so I can't tell you how much I appreciate everyone who shares their stories. It is such "sweet sorrow" waiting. I'm still waiting for the electrician and the electric company to get power where I need it!

I have had two nervious drives for about a mile with a police car was following. One continued to follow me right to my garage (off an alley) then give me the thumbs up for the car. Now I feel comfortable that if my car ever gets stolen the police will find it quickly.

I've been impressed with the positive response. The usualy MO redneck attitude doesn't typically like change. Everyone seems to like the car. I was giving one guy at work trouble when he asked me how I'd drive the car on vacation. I got him defending my car. I said, "I'll just take my ICE." He came back with all kinds of reason and ways I could take the S. It was rather funny. I laughed and then explained the Supercharges and RV charging.

A 16 yo came up to me at a charging station and asked, "Is that a Fiskar?" :-(
Sunday an SUV crossed my path at a 4 way stop. Mom rolled down her window and gave me a big smile and thumbs up while the kid was hanging out the back window waving like crazy.
Yesterday a Ferrari drove up behind me at a stop sign, blinked his lights, and gave me the thumbs up.
I've never owned a flashy car before. This is a thrill to drive. I look for excuses to drive to the store, post office ...

Living in the heartland were people tend to be very muted in their outward show of enthusiasm for just about anything I only have a couple of experiences beyond the regular rubber necking.

The other day a local neighborhood boy (16-18 year old) drove by in his very load Honda Civic (modified exhaust system) and yelled out the window. "Tesla?" I gave him a thumbs up and he did the same. I think it was funny the driver of a very loud ICE car gave the super quiet Tesla the teenage seal of approval.

The other experience, well my family is still laughing. My wife was driving and we had just gotten off the interstate. We were headed home with about 3/4 of a mile to the turn off to our neighborhood when a loud souped-up sports car driven by a young man came up beside us, revved his engine and took off. My wife, in her mid 50s said, "Oh, he wants to race." She said it so softly and kindly I just assumed she would let him go and that would be the end of it. Instead she floored it. He is in our rear-view mirror (or HD rear-view camera) so fast it was amazing. Just a few seconds passed and I looked at the speedometer and then at my wife and said; "85, really?" She immediately started hyperventilating, hit the brakes, pulled into our neighborhood and drove 3 miles an hour, pale as a ghost, all the way home. I think she thought somehow it would all average out. The car is so fast it outran her courage!

My neighbor rang our doorbell, and when I answered he asked if he could see our new Maseratti. He was even more excited when I showed him our S. Then a week after having the car I get a text from a friend asking if I got a new Bugatti. Fun.

The 16-yo should have his teen Knowitall card revoked immediately. He's an embarrassment to his cohort.

Just gave my first test drive to friends at work. Now keep in mind these guys have Porsche’s, high end Mercedes, Maseradi’s. I believe the two comments I liked the most was “There is nothing I don’t like about this car” and “:”Holy ****” as we accelerated onto the freeway. Amazed that we could check the stock and sector news on the screen evoked another “Holy ***”. They never stopped smiling…

I also commute in at zero dark thirty in the morning. Love the cars looking over at the screen in the dark with wide eyes…

P85 Loaded.

What's that expression about "having way too much fun"? ;)

I needed to get a state inspection sticker, so I looked online to see what was the closest place to get one. It turned out it was at a car dealership for a different company (I won't say which). I called to make sure they could/would do the inspection for a car from a different auto company, and they said to bring it in.

When I drove up to the service area, I was immediately greeted by the head of the service department. He said, "Wow, that is a gorgeous car. Is that the new Tesla? I haven't seen one in person." He proceeded to ask me several questions about it, and every once in a while would say (again), "What a gorgeous car!" He waved one of his technicians over to show him. They both compared the looks to an Aston Martin.

He said that while they usually have one of their quick service mechanics do the inspections, he would have one of his best ones do the inspection on my car.

When they drove the car up afterwards, as I was taking care of the paperwork inside, I glanced over my shoulder to see my car outside. It was surrounded by 3-4 technicians just looking at it and admiring it.

They were not inhibited at all in their gushing over the car, even though they represented a different car company and their were customers all around. They just couldn't contain themselves. I thought that was pretty funny.

I love to say it's a Tesla. Wut? A tesla. It's electric. It's American.

Should have said "...their customers were all around."

After making a full and complete stop at a stop sign and then goosing it to the speed limit, I was pulled over and given a warning by a very friendly cop. He said ordinarily he'd give a ticket for noise violation but the car was absolutely silent. A motorcycle cop pulled up too, got out, walked around with a flashlight and checked it out.

I was tailed by a Bentley Continental GT for some time desperately looking to race. The opportunity didn't present and the Bentley angrily roared off, not knowing how close he came to defeat. :) I would have liked to watch him in my rear cam.

Some kids pulled up in a Honda revving their engine playfully, so I showed them some off the line speed at a red light.

And I saw my first Model S driving in the wild, a Blue one. We exchanged friendly honks.

All this happened today. Anyone need some errands run?

The Benz dealer wanted to take a ride and took pictures of the interior.

The toll taker on the Golden Gate Bridge craned his neck around and said "nice ride, gun it!"

Countless people just gawk. It is good to drive a car this cool.

Sig P85

Those unacquainted with the Model S are curious and impressed with the answers. Their jaws hit the ground when I pop the Frunk and the expressions are priceless. Those that know about it, friends and strangers alike, are kind and full of well wishes like; congratulations, god bless you, I'm happy for you, brilliant, have fun, you were really smart to get it, good luck, it's beautiful, etc. Every person I've encountered is rooting for me and for Tesla. Haven't heard a discouraging word yet. The response is more positive than I imagined. Everybody in the office building I work in (hundreds of people) all seem to know about it and like to come out and look at it. Those that have found me sitting in it during lunch, learning the controls and saving bookmarks in my browser, offer smiles and thumbs up.

The socially acceptable, technologically amazing, and responsible self-indugence. What's not to like? ;)

A couple of days ago, I got comments from three different people at three different times in three different places. One said it reminded them of a Maserati, one said and Aston Martin, and one said a Jaguar. Not bad company!

The Aston Maseguar!

I'm TOO thrilled to drive this car! It is an absolute amazing experience everytime I get into it. My son asked whether he needs to wear a helmet when he gets in the Tesla....

From a very proud happy Tesla owner

At the ranch, in my driveway, in a parking lot in Menlo Park, the most frequent comment includes "beautiful Car". Next is probably some form of congratulations on having a M S.
And last night I was "interviewed " by a prospective Tesla employee.

And I find me commenting to myself how amazing the car is to Drive!

I too proudly wear the "tesla smile"

I get lots of gawking and thumbs up but I had an interesting comment from someone who drives a van near where I work. She stopped and asked me the usual (What is that? Who makes it? Who?; and admired the looks - mine is white).

She then asked to see the car and I proceeded to show her the interior, how the handles move, and told her about the car. She thanked me profusely and said she never expected to see such a car in real life; only in "science fiction" movies!

Hm, there's an image and explanation: Musk is a (very hard) sci-fi writer who uses engineering and metal instead of ink and paper.

A man riding in the passenger seat of an SUV in the lane next to me rolls down his window while we're at a red light and motions me to do the same. After asking what kind of a car it is he exclaims, "It is a beast!" I was half a block from the service center where I had just picked it up.

The next morning I went to the grocery store and got two more compliments, my husband took the car out and received some more. We have had the car for two days and have lost count of the positive comments.

I love my Tesla!

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