N.Y Times Article on the Model S (and a companion article on the SuperCharger Network)...

It's in the NY Times Sunday paper, but the Automobile Section is available on Saturday. Please to enjoy:

One Big Step for Tesla, One Giant Leap for E.V.’s

Charging Ahead on an Electric Highway

Darn. Neither one new (we saw those way back when -- yesterday or the day before!)

Ok. I am excited about traveling cross country in my S using the Supercharger stations.
All I need is my S and a map of Supercharging stations .
My S is due early next year.
Anyone have a map of stations due next year? And a Schedule?
A lot of friends on the East coast want to see my car.
Hope I can accommodate them.
Your help is requested .

OT in this thread; check for another to do with the SC stations, or start your own.
"Early next year" is a tough call. Late next year matches one of the Tesla maps, but ...

Somewhere they said it will be on the web site. I have noticed that Recargo (phone app) already has one listed in California. The phone apps can be updated by users so I am sure the new superchargers will get filled in quickly.

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