Other Voice Commands You'd Like to See

Currently, the voice commands allow you to dial someone's number, navigate to a location, or play some particular music. What other voice commands would you like to see? Here are a few I would like to see:

+ "Heat to ___ degrees" or "cool to ___ degrees"
+ "Browse to ______" (to voice activate the browser)
+ "Tune to _____" (to tune to a particular radio station}
+ "Unlock"

Replicate all the functions on the wheel buttons:
Brightness to X%
Sunroof to X%
Media Select ____

Driver profile to _____
Suspension to ______
Driving mode to _____
Un/Lock doors

Seri !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Not a Tesla ding but she does a much better job of getting me what I want.

Is there a list of what commands are available? MyFordSync will (interminably) speak all commands available if you say 'help'. Maybe somewhere between the two?


I'd like the ability to dial a phone number that's not in my contact list.

Honk is a good one because it is impossible to give a friendly "toot" with the current horn "button" I have to lean on it to sound the horn and it emits a rude "blast" rather than a short beep. Future production needs less tension in the spring assembly for horn activation.

"Open the pod bay doors Hal"

Seriously - would be nice to have "Open frunk" or "Open hatch" (only active while in park).

Also - "Open sunroof", "Close sunroof", "Vent sunroof".

"Eject front passenger" "Eject rear passengers" ;p

"Defrost rear window" "Defrost driver side window" Etc.

actually, a "lift" command for the active suspension would be nice, instead of futzing with the screen in front of high speed bumps and high cement parking blocks.

I would also like to be able to custom program a single and double hand clap to some functions. I miss my Clapper.

While driving? What is the sound of one hand clapping?

lol! not sure about one hand, but 2 hands = "crunch!"

This is one surprise for me -- that the car did not have better voice commands. In a car so sophisticated in so many ways to have such rudimentary voice commands seems like a real wasted opportunity to impress. I hope an update comes soon. I very much like the idea above that all controls should also have a voice command. Also how about "Google search for..." or "Internet search for..." ?

Software updates. It will learn gooder English soon. Ish.


You can find a list of existing commands in the Release Notes: tap the "T," then go to Release Notes for firmware version 4.2. This is from memory, so you may have to look around.

How About: "Call Tesla service and tell them why you have shut down in the middle of rush-hour traffic with 210 miles left on the range indicator, and ask them to please turn on the 4-ways!"

open sun roof
close sun roof

Reboot touch screen
Reboot instrument display

I would just like to be able to play playlists and stations from Slacker. Well, that and I would like it to actually be able to understand me in general. ;-)


Has anything changed with voice commands since this thread began? Just got my June 28th delivery date!!!!!! So excited

I have not seen any voice command improvements in the release notes since 4.0. I'm sure it's on the schedule for future releases.

Voice commands will be lowest on your list of focus points when you get the car ... you'll be way to busy just driving the car, sitting in the car, washing the car, petting the car, smelling the car and likely hugging the car on occasion.

"Record BMW/Audit/Mercedes owner crying in rear view Camera".
"post on YouTube"

@therealmach3 hahaha true

"Ham sandwich"
It's worth a try }B)

"Cold bouillabaisse"

"Radio AM"

with variable...

"Radio FM KLOS"
"Radio FM 950"

Radio off

Call bob (pause) cell
Call bob (pause) home

Call number 310 555 1212


Just...pause. For use across the board...with music, with phone calls, etc.

Show|Display Nav|Camera|Energy|Music|Web Top|Bottom|Full

'|' equals 'or'

I've been searching for every thread I could find on the topic to see if the voice commands are truly as limited as the manual says, and based on this thread it seems surprisingly true. If that's the case, the top of my list is simple.


If I have to pull over to the side of the road because I can't say "call 555-1212" and hands free calling is a requirement in my state, that's more than an oversight. I don't know of ANY other car with Bluetooth support and voice commands that can't call a phone number.

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