"P one"...enter and sign in please!

I've been watching these boards for years now, but don't recall ever seeing
posts from "P's" in the teens.

Now that all the Signatures are almost out the door, I'm anxiously awaiting that
milestone of "P" deliveries. Since I'm P 153, any news of a delivered "P" means
my car is soon to come.

So far... no news at all on "P's". Any low number "P's" received a delivery window yet?

Hoping for an end of the year surprise!

Brian, where did you see that half the reservations are 85s? From observing the forums or was there a more official source?

Various polls here and on TMC. Some thought the 85 count would drop as time went on, but it seems to be holding.

Any idea what the Performance share is?

IIRC, about 41%. It's been the star of the show, so far.

So that means Performance is 80% of the 85kWhs? Or do you mean Performance is 41% of the 85kWhs?

41% of the total. As volume climbs, that'll likely drop, I guess. But maybe not for some time!

I'm not sure it will. To me the the high number of 85kWh battery choices just shows how desirable the long range battery really is, and if you can get 85kWh standard, going ~10k up from that is not that big deal (options that come as standard in performance compared to normal add up to $6500).

I actually think that if Tesla would offer another $10k more expensive 105kWh battery that would be the star of the show instead of 85kWh performance.

Majority of people that can't really afford 85kWh Model S are probably either waiting for GenIII long range car or do not even consider electric vehicle. Market for those smaller battery sizes with that high price tag is quite small. Also car is quite big for town commuter and as such impractical.

About ½ the reservations seem to be non-85s so far. (Brian H)

How did you arrive at that number?

Various polls here and on TMC. Maybe time to start a new one. The reservation rate has surged, and it would be very interesting to know the new ratios.


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