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Petition to Overturn Dealership Franchise Laws
Click link to access White House petition to overturn mandatory automobile dealership franchise laws: Overturn franchise laws that limit auto manufacturers from selling their vehicles directly to consumers. | We the People: Your Voice in Our Government

I find it amazing that laws like this even exist at this day and age, in in the US - the beacon of capitalism, free market and personal liberty. For a foreigner that does not know better it is really surprising. I mean, how come Apple can sell their computers direct and not Tessla sell their cars direct? The lack of logic is beyond me. But guess it is all about politics, special interests and cronyism. Or...?

@GeirT Your guess is right.

I signed it.

Have signed and sent the petition to several friends. Please distribute this as widely as possible.

Tweet by Elon Musk:

@elonmusk: A @WhiteHouse petition to allow direct sales of cars by manufacturers: Please vote here too!

Why does this say please ignore? Everyone should sign this!

Signed and shared on FB.

Looks like the petition just passed 1,000 signatures! Still a long way to go to 100,000 signatures. But it's a decent start.

Everyone needs to add the link to their facebook page.... We will never get enough signatures if nobody else knows about this.

Threads that request members to ignore them get extra traffic, because members are perverse trouble-makers. It's a requirement for official status here.

Isn't this a state's laws issue? (not an attorney & signed the petition)

signed it.

@KevinR - Yes it is, but Elon stated "If we're seeing nonstop battles at the state level, rather than fight 20 different state battles, I'd rather fight one federal battle."

not wanting to be a troublemaker here, but the laws serve a useful purpose. They are just being misused to slow Tesla. The real issue is can mfgs without dealers sell direct?

@lolachampcar +1

I agree that the laws served a purpose. However, that was a long time ago in a much different competitive climate. One could argue they are still useful. I am not sure. I am not for repealing them on the one hand, but fully support Tesla's move to take this nationally. They don't need to change the law, then don't even need to pass a new law. They just need to make it credible. If the various dealerships, and associations that serve them believe there is a credible chance that their protection could get overturned at a national level they will immediately, for self preservation, give up the fight. I believe that is was Elon and Tesla are after. I have signed the petition.

@vgrinshpun - Like it, but why does the title say "PLEASE IGNORE"? You can edit the title if wrong or delete the thread if a duplicate. Tap the Tesla icon at top for options (only you can make these changes).

I just signed it!

Its ridiculous to let (AutoDealers) monopoly the buy and sell new cars.

Signed and posted to my FB page.

-1 lolachampcar

The dealer franchise laws protecting franchises from their signatory automakers are good laws. If the dealers wish to use them as a shield to competition then get rid of the laws.

The laws that say a new car maker MUST start a franchise are illegal in my opinion. It's like saying that restaurants can only be safe for customers if they run franchises. It's just not true. It also does not harm competition to mix it up, otherwise all franchised restaurants would be out of business.

Some people like to go to the stores and shop for their computers. Other people know what they want and order online. How would you like to be forced to buy your next computer at Best Buy because of a law.

Don't give me any of that 'better for the customer' bull crap. There are already plenty of laws protecting customers. I don't see any forced franchised dealer association for timeshare sales and those things can blow the cost of even a Model S out of the water and you have no clue what you are buying even with a lawyer at your side.

Franchise laws prevent an original manufacturer from competing with dealers. Without them a manufacturer, GM for example, could set up a "dealership", provide cars for sale at less than MSRP, and put any and/or all dealers in the region out of business. What happens with the law is that GM says how many dealers a region can have and sells them ALL cars at the SAME price. Then the private dealers can cut their own deals.

Tesla is a conundrum for the existing laws, although without dealerships you will NEVER get any price breaks on their cars. I, for one, prefer the dealership model where price can vary. I love the hunt, contrary to most people.

Signed and posted on FB

Signed & posted to FB.

TeslaTap, There is no error in the title.
The "please ignore" dare seem to be very effective around here in mobilizing into action the most discerning members of the Forum.

The slow rate of the voting on the Petition is puzzling. The rate is about half of what it should be as compared to what is needed to achieve 100,000 vote by May 16.

There are at least 9,000 Model S on the road by now. Just these 9,000 owners and members of their extended families could potentially drive the vote count above the 100,000 threshold.

C'mon members, need some action here!

It is on the Tesla Facebook page....Maybe you want to modify the title "please ignore after signing"

I believe this law has already been tested in Mass.
The auto dealerships sued Tesla.
The judge threw their suit out.
Pretty good precedent

Celtrog, the problem is that Tesla does not need to waste resources and focus on individual fights in states.

It seems that Elon Musk's strategy is raise the bar by at least threatening to go to federal court, and also appealing directly to public.

That is where this Petition fits in the overall scheme.

Article in Washington Times on the subject of the thread:

I would like to sign, but I'm not US citizen :(

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