reliable source for after-market paint protection and window tinting

I'm amazed at the number of people in various threads who propose installing aftermarket mirrors, seats, etc. in their $60K (or $110K) car. That said, it's been stated in at least a couple of threads that a quality whole-car paint protection application can be done reliably and possibly for a comparable price to the factory partial coverage option.

I'm starting this new thread for recommendations of specific shops that people have had a good experience with. I've seen some seriously crappy window tinting jobs driving down the road over the years and am not willing to risk my S on some stoner's half-a$$ job.

So to get started off, I'm looking for a recommendation and hopefully an idea of pricing in the Baltimore/DC area. Both paint protection and window tinting.

I plan to have my Sig tinted at D&L.


@digitaltim - have you used them before? It looks like they also do the same Scotchguard partial paint protection Tesla is offering

I've been looking into this for some time now. Not quite sure where they're saying the WHOLE car can be done for this price. The places I've called either say a.) it's not recommended or they simply won't do it or b.) the cost is so high you'd probably get turned off by it.

The reality.... it would be wise to have Tesla do the partial job. Main reason I say that, FACTORY WARRANTY! This should be something that's covered by Tesla for however long they specify. If something goes wrong it's their job to replace and or correct the issue. For those getting a custom color (Sig Red, etc.) you should be especially mindful of this. NO aftermarket shop is going to cover your paint job if it peels and you have damage.

@MandL I used them on my BMW and it held up w/o issue for 11 years!

There are only a few companies that make the film, so the Tesla film isn't special. The trick is getting it installed properly. I suspect that every car model has it's own quirks during installation. It probably only takes a good installer one or two cars of a particular model to get it right.

My understanding- the installers custom cut the film material using a scanning system followed by computer driven cutting system to produce the sections shown on the section of what the factory paint armor involves. Paint protection is - for want of a description, a type of polish, which is why it is not prohibitive. The same applies to glass and leather treatments. The glass, is, I guess, an upgraded version of Rain X.
What is important is the individual installers. I have one in Sydney, Australia, but that won't help you North Americans unless you want to visit with your cars!! (you would be most welcome!). My installer here routinely does Ferrari and Bentley - I have actually seen these vehicles in his shop. The dealers actually contract him on behalf of their clients.

- What is important is the individual installers


Absolute Perfection in Sykesville can install Formula One, and are the only authorized dealer in Maryland. They also do paint protection.


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