Sales Tax?

I know we're exempt from paying STATE sales tax on our Tesla but what about LOCAL tax (3% in Seattle)? Can anyone who's taken delivery or completed paperwork speak to this?

I haven't taken delivery yet, but I have filled out my initial Motor Vehicle Purchase Agreement and I live in Redmond.

The sales tax section has a $0.00 balance in it. There is $85.75 for registration and titling fees and $327 for RTA county fee. There is also $35.00 for High Power Wall Connector Shipping, $990 for Tesla Personal Delivery and $180 for Final Inspection, prep, and coordination. So I'm assuming we also don't pay local tax as well.

My car is a Signature Performance with every option except the paint armor. Red exterior paint, carbon fiber interior and Signature white interior.


Did you check to see if you are in the RTA taxing district. Turns out we are a few blocks out of it and saving $327!

Lots of Redmond is outside the map...

epely, thanks for the tip and weblink. I checked and I'm just about 5 miles inside the RTA border, so I do have to pay the tax. The info is great though for other Seattle area reservation holders. Make sure you check, you might be able to save $327!

My MVPA correctly identified I'm out of the RTA district and therefore has $0.00 for sales tax. So far it appears the web site/order process has this calculated correctly.

I will register in WA but wish i could take delivery in AZ.
Can't do it without paying A, sales tax.

@cerjor | OCTOBER 13, 2012: I will register in WA but wish i could take delivery in AZ.
Can't do it without paying A, sales tax.

I'm in a similar dilemma, but I was just planning to try to drive the car to AZ. At worst case, if there are no readily available chargers on the way, I will put it on a car transport.

@Alex K: I hope to be driving that direction in January. I will probably utilize the 14-50 plugs at RV parks if I cant use the roadster chargers. I got estimates of about $750 for transport (one way).


I've forgotten. Are you getting the Twin Chargers?

A buddy bought a LEAF in Renton and paid no sales tax, so it must apply to both the state and local tax amounts.

I live in AZ and I'm still not 100% clear on whether I will have to pay state or local sales taxes and how much that would be. It shows $0 for sales tax on the Tesla invoice. I'm scheduled to take delivery in March.


Do you mean you live in AZ but are taking delivery of your Model S in Washington? I would think you have no sales tax in WA, but you might have a use tax in AZ if that's where the car will reside. I haven't looked at the AZ tax laws.

It applies to the local sales tax as well. Just got my car Wednesday, no sales tax. Also there is sales tax exemption on installation of your charger hardware.

Have to pay regional transit tax in WA though if you live in the RTA area(King cty +) $324

Only Western King, Pierce and Snohomish Counties have to pay the RTA tax. The tax is based on your voting precinct.

If you enter the address of where your car will be registered on the webpage you will find whether your were billed correctly for RTA tax. I had the tax removed from mine since we are not in the Sound Transit area.

Capzap--i"m on mercer island so i got dinged w/the tax but this will very helpful to everyone. Thx for posting

If you itemize on your federal tax return, you can claim the RTA excise tax.

Hmm. I don't recall paying any tax, and I live in a precinct that never met a tax it didn't like.

I just finalized my order a few days ago. I was charged the RTA tax(~$324) but after seeing this thread, I went to the website I found that I lived a few miles outside of the Sound Transit area. After a quick phone call, I had updated paperwork within an hour that had zero taxes or fees on the entire thing.

Awesome on catching the RTA tax! You would have been subject to it every year at tab renewal time. Buy me a beer some day.
I figured that Tesla had fixed that detail on their program. At the same time I thought that it might be a bugger for them to track since it is based on voting precinct.

It puzzles me that one would get a Regional Transit Tax credited on a IRS Federal return. It would be interesting to find out if it works for those that are within the Sound Transit area.

Yes, I get a RTA credit on my IRS tax return every year. Claim it on all of my registered vehicles where there is a RTA tax.

So I checked my MVPA, and I did indeed pay the RTA tax of $327. Of course, I live on Capitol Hill, where we think of taxes as opportunities. ;)


It is a full tax credit and not a deduction?

It still seems easier to just have the tax removed from the titling and licensing information.

@Captain_Zap, it's an itemized deduction, not a credit. I think that's what @sagebrushnw meant. If you don't have to pay it, you should definitely have it removed now so you don't have to deal with it again when renewing your tabs.

Yes, the RTA tax is an itemized deduction.

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