I am placing my order on the 7th, just wanted to get a sense of how everyone feels about their purchase now that they have had significant time to drive it, and if you would purchase again. Without search function difficult to know if this has been asked. Thanks for humoring me.

Would not hesitate to buy again. 10k - vin#696.

Agree. Met and exceeded all expectations. Would definitely buy again. Performance 85, white with black leather.

You can search these forums using

Would absolutely buy again - 14k / 6 months
Would love to get a 2nd (or possibly an X) when it's time to replace our other vehicle.

Could not believe the hype even after my test drive and after I placed my order. There are some very serious car people on this forum who own or did own some of the most advanced automobiles in history and they talk about this car like they had never driven before.

I knew the car was cool. I knew it was fast. I knew it was relatively rare on the east coast. What I didn't know is that pulling out of my driveway could be so much fun every single time.

Went to a bbq at my cousin's house last night and I gave rides to 12 people. Amazing was the word of the night. As the guests left they thanked the host and hostess of the party and then they came over and thanked me for allowing them the chance to ride in or drive the car.

Is it worth it? Can't answer that for you. My family is thrilled that I'm as happy about my purchase as I am.

Yes, I'd do it again.

5,000 miles and 5 months. Love the car. no real problems.

However, after reading "millionaire next door" this week, having regrets about paying $95k for a car. I should have brought a 3 year old, $20,000 vehicle. According to the book, I'm living above my means.

It's not for everyone, especially if you have not been saving enough.

I know...I'm a Debbie downer.


But I do love the car.

I'm on the fence. Started out very happy on 6/3 but ...

1. Seat bracket recall two weeks ago (handled well by Tesla)
2. HV battery failure and replacement (flatbed tow) *
3. Warranty price increased from $2500 to $4000 before offered chance to buy it

*This one has me most worried. The car was stuck in Park and required a flatbed tow. The car was literally dragged with rear wheels locked from my driveway. That's fine and TM handled it well. However, what happens if/when the car fails in my underground parking garage at work? How will TM remove/repair the car where no 3G or wifi is available, and ceiling highs prohibit a flatbed tow? Does anyone know?

6.5 months, 5k miles, love it. Planning on my next tesla when they release a new roadster.

3000+ miles in 6 months and my only regret is not opting for the Performance package. The car is incredible would definetly buy it again. Try to figure out how to afford an X for my wife.

Got mine 12/28. P85 with about 4000 miles. Love it. No regrets. No service problems. I got MORE than I paid for. Never going back to an ICE. When can I put my deposit on a reservation for the Gen III for my daughter?

Thank you one and all. eAdopter, your experience sounds like a nightmare, glad to hear that Tesla came to the rescue. Did they have any advice in that situation?

5000 miles since May 8

My commute is ~80 miles round trip; most of the rest of those miles were "just because" miles -- just because driving the Model S is fun.

I would definitely purchase again. I can say almost nothing bad about the Model S.

I did have one "uh-oh" moment. One night when I returned to the car the door handles would not pop open and I could not get back into the car. After the fob on the windshield trick failed I was worried I was stranded. Then I remembered I could open the car using the smart phone app. It worked like a charm, except the car still didn't recognize the fob so the car wouldn't "start". I eventually resolved the issue by chance: apparently clicking the "roof" of the fob was enough to convince the car that the fob was present and active. It hasn't happened since.

Liked the first one so much, bought another. 4 months and 3000 mi on the first. 2 days and a 100 mi on the second. One's a P and the other a P+. Do it again? Ummmm, did it...

Love it. Had it for 2 months, 1,700 miles (wish I could drive more!). Wife is begging for an X.

I have had my MS 85 (12096) for a couple of weeks, and I am loving it. 600 miles.
I hesitated after putting in a reservation last fall as my work situation changed and I drive less now than when I reserved. I am very happy with the purchase and would definitely do it again.
I was in the recall, and was impressed with how quickly and efficiently it was handled. I watched and chatted with the mechanic as he did the work (no other car shop lets you do that) and was impressed by the entire process.
Driving is fun again.

6700 miles, love it !!! Not only would I buy it again, I just wouldn't buy anything else.

2 months, 2000 miles. In heaven, sold 7 so far to friends. Would not trade my Tesla for a ferrari unless I could sell the Ferrari and buy 2 Teslas!!!

Use a regular jack to put the rear wheels on skateboards and tow to the street, then act as normal.

Hi 3600 miles and very happy. Have a roadster and looking to get an X. tesla is a great car and company!

SonOfSofaman I had a similar situation and found if you lock manually with th fob (click the roof) you need to double click the roof to unlock, proximaty unlock doesn't kick in. This also happens if you lock via the phone app. The phone always seems to unlock the car though. I assume you have the tech package, so just let the car lock itself.


Like brandtlings, 5500 miles on MS #1 with #2 on the way (P85+).

Beyond satisfaction - worth every penny. The universre of ICE choices has vanished.

I've had the car since January. S60. Amazing car. I love this car.

Perfectly satisfied. I still have a learning curve to figure out all the features. I can't afford (or need) another car, but I wouldn't hesitate on buying a second Model S (or X) if I could afford it.

Thanks for the tip @RonaldA. When that happened, I may have locked with the fob instead of letting it lock itself. I shall experiment.

Absolutely would buy again. Nothing compares for the combination of performance, comfort and easily accessible accessories.

Let me put it this way...
After owning an iPhone or Droid, would you go back to a flip-phone?
Would you go back to a analogue TV set? Would you go back to vinyl records or analogue tape?

After 14k miles and ten month, I don't EVER see myself going back to an ICE vehicle EVER again. Yes, it's that much better!

The car is awesome and still exceeding my expectations after 6 months and 8k miles.

@eAdopter - the price increase has been reversed (temporarily) - check out the Tesla Bulletin Board on this forum.

To answer the original question - 3000 miles and six months in and I wouldn't change a thing. I love it.

what car on the planet has ever had this kind of response?

Do you remember the feeling when you first got your drivers license and drove a car by yourself? The freedom and excitement of your world changing forever? That is the feeling you get every day when you drive your Model S. The quantum leap is akin to upgrading from a BMX bike to a car as your primary mode of transportation. You can't imagine going back to the bike...

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