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Hi, so I just finalized my MS recently. Went with the standard 85kwh. There has been a lot of chatter I noticed about service plans, ?"mandatory" $600 annual fee, and what exactly the warranty entails. Could someone be so kind as to distill it down for a lazy person like myself? In a few sentences, what was the verdict? $600 was a good thing? Bad? Did people cancel their reservations over it? Thanks.

Hi Brian

3G is how Tesla can monitor your car. Monitoring of the MS, some levels of Service, and updates are performed via the 3G and are included in the description of the plans. That's why I think 3G has something to do with service, but that was just my interpretation of what I read.

@drp: The "baseline" 3G is indeed included (either in the maintenance plan or just in the price of the car). That only covers the diagnostics/remote monitoring, but NOT 3G internet for web browsing, streaming music, etc. That will be a completely separate data plan and cost, which Tesla has been quite clear about (well, they've been clear that it will be separate and that it will not be free; they've been anything but clear on what the plans will actually cost and include!).

Regarding the original question:
" In a few sentences, what was the verdict? $600 was a good thing? Bad? Did people cancel their reservations over it? "

What? - people cancel their reservations over a $600 service fee??? - ludicrous!!
I am no successful trial lawyer with a 7 figure income, but even a poor engineer like me certainly thinks that a $600/year service fee on a 100k car is a steal - and $475/yr if prepaid is a much better return than the stock market has given me.

"nuff said"

Brian H,

Assuming your use of the term "Ingenuous" refers to "noble, honorable" -- please note, that is an obsolete use of the term (if that's not what you meant - otherwise, I just don't get it).

The Tesla engineers didn't design everything in the Model S... Or did all these manufactors redesign thier products just for this car;

AGC automotive,
ABC group,
(list continues and can be seen here: )

I'll give you that the 250+ patents has some potential of being from "the ground up", but I doubt it. It's more likely they found innovative ways to use existing technologies (motor) and techniques (battery packs). And even then, reliability can be evaluated.

Given I am less than noble, check out this Wiki page (used because it's an easy place to get to).

+1 tech4ever, +1 kirri7
I also think the fee is more than reasonable, and for a car which gains new features over the air


Don't mind Brian. He was feeling a little less than gruntled.

Thanks for not dis-sing me. ;P ;) :D

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