snow tires from factory?

I'm eagerly waiting for my S85.
Since I live in a cold weather climate, I've routinely had snow tires placed on all my cars.
Is there any way to ask Tesla to deliver the car with snow tires instead of the all season tires?

Have you tried calling them?

Yes, you can. Assuming you buy the snow tires from them :) Then they can fit the snow tires onto your car and ship the all-season tires separately to you. This is what they told me when I called them for exactly the same question :) Now this is for EU delivery, no clue but I'd assume same for US as well. Swapping it out altogether without buying the winter tires, not sure that'll be done...

No, you can't. I got this answer (in writing) when I asked the same: "Some accessories, like your Winter Tire Sets, will be shipped to you separately to the address you choose."
And I have not even ordered winter tire sets..... Iv'e only asked if there was possible to get winter tires instead of the all seasons tires.

Well the guys from Tilburd did tell me that they can swap it out that they will put the winter tires on and ship the M+S instead when it comes to delivery. But you have to order the winter tires for this to happen...

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