Software-Update 4.0 Received

Who has received the latest update? I was told that updates go out in batches to make sure if there are bugs that the fewest number of people possible have an issue, but I am getting really anxious with this update. I was just curious how many have gotten the update so far.

Got 4.0 last night - in CT.

@Per O, is that a typo. As far as we know, no one else has seen that version.

@E60 M5 Owner, it's mostly, if not entirely, bug fixes from the 4.0 release.

@timdorr - we are only 12 days away from the end of the month. I thought there was another big software update coming "in early January". Would seem strange to push out 4.1 and then another big update only a couple of weeks later. Wouldn't surprise me if they rolled the 4.0 bug fixes into the next big release.

Version 4 software loaded last night. I found that I could now quickly click the right wheel on the steering wheel and get a menu of items that could be assigned to that wheel. I chose screen brightness. Now I find that I can't go back to the original choices. I am stuck with the brightness function. Has anyone here figured this one out?

I answered my own question this morning. The Menu button below the right steering wheel roller allows me to program the wheel. Never mind.

So, it sounds like some people are still getting the 4.0 software update, despite the fact that Tesla is planning a 4.1 update to address some bugs in 4.0? Sure would be nice to have some official announcement to eliminate all this speculation and wondering.

"speculation and wondering" It's beginning to feel a lot like Christmas... :)


1.17.52 No, I am pretty sure it's not a typo. Can't check since I am on vacation

4.1 is a maintenance update. It takes a very short time to install and the release notes provided are identical to the 4.0 notes.

Where are you all finding release notes? And how do you know it's 4.x--how does that 4.x number correlate with the 1.17.5x number? I'm in the dark here!

The release notes should be accessible from within the car (once you have the 4.x update). If you touch the T (Tesla logo) icon at the top of the screen, it should bring up the About box, and the new 4.x update should have a link to release notes.

As for the version number cross-reference, you can view this thread:

humpf, I still don't have the update to 4.x, had my car since Oct, and got one update a long time ago.

?? All on hold, awaiting 4.2??

Same here. I took delivery in Nov. Still running 1.15.14. In fact, I'm not sure I have ever received an OTA update.

We got our car on Oct 30. Still have 1.15.14. Never have had a software update.

Tesla Service two days ago said all OTA updates are on hold. No more updates being pushed until the 'post 4.1' release is available.

Yes, that's it. You can see the firmware version numbers here:

There have apparently been several iterations of 4.1 so far.

Updates and revisions, which a moment will reverse.

(apologies to T.S. Eliot)

got v4.2(1.19.42) last night have not driven it yet!

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