State By State EV Benefits

I'm not sure if this is known to everyone or if it was posted already. I found it and thought I'd share though. On a side note... MI is REALLY letting me down right now.

This is very helpful; I am trying to gather information about incentivs in order to write a letter to the "Powers that be". I came across the following yesterday:

"Rocky Mountain Institute (RMI) is an independent, entrepreneurial, nonprofit think-and-do tank. RMI emphasizes integrative design, advanced technologies, and mindful markets in fulfilling its mission to drive the efficient and restorative use of resources. RMI’s strategic focus is to map and drive the U.S. transition from fossil fuels to efficiency and renewables by 2050. RMI’s Project Get Ready works with cities and industry leaders to develop best practices for electric vehicle integration and adoption. With a network of over 25 cities and 40 strategic partners, this project seeks to identify challenges and opportunities for the seamless transition to vehicle electrification. To learn more, visit
The Electric Vehicles Initiative (EVI) is one of eleven initiatives of the Clean Energy Ministerial, a high-level multilateral forum to promote policies and programs that advance clean energy technologies. EVI seeks to facilitate the global deployment of 20 million electric vehicles (EVs), including plug-in hybrid electric vehicles and fuel cell vehicles, by 2020. EVI will enable progress toward this goal by encouraging the development of national deployment targets; launching pilot cities to promote EV demonstrations in urban areas, and share experiences and lessons learned; sharing information on funding levels and research and development programs to ensure that the most crucial global gaps in vehicle technology development are being addressed; exchanging information on EV deployment targets, as well as best practices and policies, to enable progress toward those targets; and engaging private sector stakeholders to focus on the benefits of public-private investments in technology innovation and EV procurement for fleets."

I was most interested in the financial incentives various cities in their casebook offered. In just about every situation, there was a generous incentive--removing sales tax, etc.

Tesla: Please ensure your deliverers inform Model S owners about the national and local rebates and benefits. For example, my local electric utility (LIPA) is offering a $500 one time rebate to residential customers who buy an EV. While most of us are probably aware of all the incentives, it would be a shame if someone lost out on a local rebate for lack of knowledge.

Is there a post on just this subject by state? I for one would be the guy to miss out on incentives for being uninformed about them. In the Bay Area, CA I know of HOV access, $2,500 credit that will expire very soon and the one we all know of it the $7,500 Fed credit. I don't know of any other utility, green energy, or other incentives outside of that. I already have Solar so I can't take advantage of the SolarCity offerings.

Tesla set up their own website (a while ago) that lists EV incentives by country and state:

If you think the list is incomplete, I'm sure someone at Tesla is glad to hear about it!

Looks like Finland isn't in the list. I can help: there is no incentives to buy EV in Finland. All you get is lowest possible car tax that all cars get because BEV automatically falls into category of least polluting cars. In addition to that you get extra tax that all non gasoline-powered cars get ("temporary" "diesel tax" that has been in for about 30 years now) + one additional small tax that plugin-hybrids get (which normal hybrids don't get). IE. you get penalties for driving BEV.

From what I understand, state of Illinois' EV rebate not available unless vehicle is purchased from an IL dealer.

Illinois info verbatim:
"The vehicle must be purchased from an Illinois dealership and the purchase invoice must show that the business is located in Illinois. No out-of-state vehicle purchases are eligible."

The local incentive I mentioned above, from my local electricity provider, does not show on .

It may not be listed because this incentive is not a government incentive, nor is it for the whole of New York State. But I still think it is TM's business to tell their customers directly about it, whether or not they decide to put it on that web page.

it may be in TM's interest to tell customers, but it's hardly its responsibility! It's in no promise or contract, explicitly or implicitly.

It's just a lot easier for one centralized, interested party to learn about all these things, and organize them, than for each customer to do research individually. If they don't do it, a customer expecting a high level of service who misses out on an incentive might be forgiven for thinking that the company dropped the ball. True, a follow-up lawsuit wouldn't be fruitful. So what?

I'm just saying that TM should make it their business to know and distribute the knowledge. It's just good customer service.

One comment about state incentives I found hilarious: Electric cars are exempt from annual emissions inspection.

Isn't that supposed to be default on all pure EVs? How is that a benefit?

Well.. It's a benefit to the inspector who would otherwise have to figure out how to hook up the test equipment.

That would be a benefit for me to watch them try and look stupid trying!

And a benefit to the owner who doesn't have to await a sniffer's verdict about whether he has to choose between expensive catalyst upgrade or replacement and eye-watering license surcharges.

There have been some instances where an EV has failed the test because there was no tailpipe to put the sniffer in.

jerry3 | June 21, 2012 new

There have been some instances where an EV has failed the test because there was no tailpipe to put the sniffer in.

Is that just apocryphal, or is it documented? Even bureaustupidity seems inadequate to cause that ...

"Money quote":

All Model S models are eligible for $2,500 through the Clean Vehicle Rebate Project, a $7,500 Federal tax credit, and HOV lane single-occupant access.


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Legislative Detail: NY Assembly Bill 6592 - 2011 General Assembly
Exempts electric vehicles from state sales and compensating use taxes and grants municipalities the option to provide such exemption.

Brian H

- Is that just apocryphal, or is it documented?

Well, unless the poster in the Prius group where I saw it was not telling the truth about his experience, it's documented.

@EdG. Sorry to burst your bubble but LIPA won't pay the $500. rebate in 2012 on any EV but the Volt and the Leaf. I'm working to get this policy changed, but up till now, no joy.

Hmmm.. I see

"What cars would qualify for 2012?
At this time, the qualifying vehicles are the Chevrolet Volt (PHEV), Nissan Leaf (PEV) passenger cars, Mitsubishi i-MiEV (PEV), and Toyota Prius Plug-in Hybrid (PHEV)."

The Roadster isn't there, either.

Don't get your hopes up if you're in MA. They're still struggling with HOV legislation. Other than that, bupkis.

While some states are providing various incentives for EV, take heart if you think your state isn't doing enough. In Missouri, there is a tax disincentive! From the Missouri DMV website: "owners of motor vehicle which operate with liquid petroleum (LP) gas, natural gas, or electricity must annually purchase a special fuel decal prior to January 31 and pay the annual decal fee. The annual decal fee is based on how the vehicle is licensed." The decal fee for a passenger car is $75/yr. I suppose this is to make up for lost revenue from lack of gas tax BUT we are paying all kinds of charges (i.e. taxes) on our Ameren electric bill. Not quite fair IMO

@jrb@johnandlind: I contacted LIPA. Whether the rep I spoke to was correct or not, she told me that the reason Nissan was listed but Tesla was not is due to Nissan's requesting to be put on the list. I don't know what such a request entails (money?), but I passed the contact information for getting onto the list to a California Tesla person who assured me the information would get to the correct department.

Hopefully LIPA is not dealing too down-and-dirty (as they have already with me on one occasion, but not one other) with this, and Tesla cars will be listed too.

WA state will have an extra $100 per year (gas tax) when you get your tabs each year

@EdG: I'm happy to say that after quite a bit of research through LIPA's bureacracy I was able to reach the policy setter/administrator for the PEV rebate program. His name is Kevin Harrison and last week I introduced him to Tesla Motors. Yesterday he called me back and said that Tesla would definitely qualify for the rebate; to send the forms to his attention; and to enjoy my new car.

Great! Where do I send your share of my winnings?

@sykstream3 - yup the WA "non-gas tax" $100 surcharge for EV is a negative tax benefit! However, by saving 8.4% sales tax I can pay that surcharge for 80+ years!

yes sales tax is a good tax benefit. Or lack of sales tax

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