Swap Demo - Crowdsourced Projections

So it's official: we're on for a very exciting live demo Thursday. (Will be there for sure).

New battery swapping technology will let you add charge to you Model S in less time than gas.

Here's your chance to show your chops as a Tesla forum expert. Make your educated guesses at the following specs:

1. Capacity added per pack swap (kWH): 85, 60, 40 ... ?

2. Sub components per pack: 1, 2, 4 ...?

3 Weight of each component (lbs): 1,000, 200, 100, 40 .., ?

4. Swap hardware option cost: $2k, $1K, $500, free .... ?

5. Exchange fee per swap: $199, $99. $69 .... .?

6. Swap Locations: TM Service centers, SC's, TM Swap centers, existing retailers ... ?

Ply your wits and see how well the wisdom of the crowd predicts the results.

Winning prediction gets halo post.

Stark - That the S would ever even make into production required a long stint on a thin branch -- over shark-invested waters.

Think BIG or go home. I'm with you. This better be BIG.

@ jchangyy - good point, I hadn't considered the increased curb weight. Another full battery pack, assuming there is room, would add another 1,500 lbs increasing the total curb weight by 33%. This would undoubtedly affect the car's safety ratings, expected acceleration and stopping distance, etc. In retrospect, even if it were possible, my idea would be a class action safety lawsuit waiting to happen! It's a good thing I don't design cars...

@AmpedRealtor: still, a fancy idea anyway. :)

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