The Tesla Bulletin Board

A new section has been added to these forums that IMO was long over due:

I like what I see so far (except for the price increases).

It is so nice to know that the response will be factual and not hearsay. Thank you so much for the link. I've already submitted two questions--one about the need for snow tires, and another about color choices; I suggested that they make little Tonka Toy Model S cars painted in the color options. Customers could request the colors they are interested in and then have their Model S choices on a shelf creating interest by all who see them while becoming a collectors' item. It's one thing seeing the color on a computer screen; it's a wholly other thing to see it live!

Nice to have this bulletin board, but increasing price is not what I wanted to hear :( I am trying not to panic, I'll comment after new official numbers will be released...

Really nice to have the new bulletin board. @bsimoes, great idea!

All topics closed & locked ?

Just a glitch. (same thing happened to me) ..I think they were reloading old threads and posts.

Well it looks like the entire forum crashed & reloaded but for me the bulletin board remains locked.

I got the impression that it is locked so that Tesla Motors will be capable of posting there. It looks like we only have access to the form to the right of the BB.

Cool, same thing here, I wanted to post something and had to use Google to find it, after that it was all back. I thought that my cookie was messed up!

Finall was able to view the BB. If the proposed price increase is matched by the proposed tax credit increase that would be nice...

Like the new section. Second the comment about (finally) having TM post some facts.

On the need for 40/60 test drive cars, I asked if the 85s could use software to emulate them.

More additions to the BB today. This is a nice addition to the forum by TM. Thanks.

How the heck did someone manage to post in there?????

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