Tesla mention on 60 Minutes tonight (Jan. 13th)

There was a Tesla mention on 60 Minutes tonight. The piece was on automated/robotic manufacturing, and the mention wasn't specifically positive or negative...Tesla was just mentioned as an example of the robotic assembly line at the factory. Still, it's a nice bit of national TV visibility for Tesla :}

That factory is incredible. Elon wasn't kidding when he said he loved manufacturing and was going to raise its level with Tesla. Great job

Here was the commentary, spoken over beautiful shots of the Tesla factory:

"Ironically, one of the few bright spots is a modest rise in U.S. manufacturing: an early casualty of automation that is making a comeback because it. This Tesla factory in California turns out battery-powered cars, using state-of-the-art robots that can change tools and perform a multitude of different tasks negating some of the advantages of moving jobs offshore."

Note that the all the robots are German, made by KUKA.

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