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I have been wondering if there have been any sales in Mexico. Are there any future thoughts of opening an information / sales office?

Hi Christopher3. Here's the answer I gave to the same question asked about Puerto Rico:

If you go to the Tesla Bulletin Board and click on any of the topics (such as this one you will see a place where you can ask questions directly to Tesla.

You might get an answer there; I doubt anyone on the general forum knows the answer to (the second part of) your question.


Thanks, I'll try that. I think it may be a can of worms that is better left unopened for now.

I think they would have to open a plant in mexico to avoid the 30% import duty. I used to take cars to Honduras and it was 100% import duty. Mexico's a huge market but maybe later.

I'm sure the car would be a hit with the corruptocrats and coke kingpins.

As a market, Mexico lacks the essential rule of law. (There are lots of laws, but they don't rule.) WAY more trouble than it's worth.

Personally I don't think Mexico is on the horizon because I was specifically told by my DS that taking the car to Mexico would void my warrenty. Something to do with their power grid not being stable enough. Hope that helps.

Use to find long previous discussion. Upshot was that a visit is not a problem, but using that to "sneak import" a Tesla into Mexico is not on.

@antoniod, respectfully, I'm flagging that as inappropriate.

Perhaps in a different venue.

I don't know about Mexico, but Puerto Rico should have a store.

It's an island measuring 96 x 35 miles, with mild weather. Perfect for Teslas, you can go anywhere and back on a charge.

It's the home of reggaeton music and many of its musicians. You don't need to like the music style (I don't), but it has a strong and very visible association with high-end luxury sports cars and specifically brands like Mercedes Benz and BMW.

And of course Puerto Rico is a part of the United States, so it is under US law and electrical standards while having no import duties.

I am not saying PR compares to Mexico, which is a large country. I am saying this is low hanging fruit. A small market, but Tesla is not even on the radar for this subculture. It's a green field opportunity and all it needs is a store. No customs, regulatory compliance, or different electrical system to deal with. Heck, it doesn't even require superchargers.

Someone from mexico here?

I think that if Tesla want to break paradigms about use of combustion cars, Tesla need to break paradigms about the markets, I really want that Tesla come to Mexico.


@antoniod I thought Brian H was from Canada, so don't lump us in with him! ;-) ;-)


That one burned.

Right now there are some Tesla cars in Mexico.
( the one in merida that explodes )

Also it is right to point about drug dealers and corrupt people because they can buy a Tesla car every day they want because they don't care paying too much for this car. The son of the director of Pemex has an Enzo Ferrari in Miami for example and his official salary is less than $7000 dollars per month.

Also in Mexico lives some of the richest people in the world, because of that it will also be a good market for this great cars.

Recently BMW presented the new i3 electric car that will be on sale in 2014 but it is too ugly.

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