Tesla in Russia

When you plan the arrival of products in Russia? Do you need help in Russia?

GEORGE BLANKENSHIP We will deduce the brand on the Russian market?

Did you get a Tesla yourself in our country?
How did you import it?

"deduce the brand" is meaningless English.

How many customers from Russia should be collected by Tesla Motors to open their sales and service here? 50, 100, 500?

Just for the information Tesla Motors have a great opportunity for hot start in Russia since Sep of 2013 till Sep of 2014 when taxes & customs fees will be zeros for the electric cars!

I think Elon had his fill of being jerked around by the kleptocracy when he was considering using Russian boosters before starting making his own at SpaceX.


I know you love stating the facts, especially when playing the grammar Nazi. Frankly, I enjoy reading your posts.
With that said, I must admit you come off as a complete A$$ when you point out the obvious grammatical errors in posts made by someone who tried getting their point across, (albeit unsuccessfully) whole first language happens to be other than English.
I believe there are better market opportunities to explore before setting sights on Russia, or Moscow alone, really. Once you travel outside the city, you may as well consider it a different country altogether when it comes to infrastructure or most people's ability to afford anything but the basic survival necessities.

Completely unsure what was intended, so asking for clarification. Perhaps some word was translated as "deduce", which doesn't have any relevant meanings. Have you ever learned or spoken another language? Usage and nuance and meaning corrections and suggestions are gratefully received; without exposure from childhood they are very tough to absorb from books, etc.

Elon was treated like a sucker and bumpkin on his 3 trips there. I think he'll focus on jurisdictions where there is both demand and rule of law, first. Though China may stretch the point.

Interesting that they jerked him around. He had money and clear expertise. Russia is happy to sell stuff normally. Maybe they saw him as a real rival. He will flip them off from Mars.

+1 TSLAholic

I know you mean well Brian but there are less abrasive ways to ask for clarification. Yes, they may take more time to type out but since you're retired I assume you have the time.


At the time, he know little about space, just wanted to put a few potted plants on Mars to inspire the populace. Not altogether sure I blame the Russians!

I guess, putting potted plants on Mars is based on the same idea as sending the dog Lajka into space to see if he survives. Putting up some greenhouse with something that generates water and regulates temperature, put a plant in it to see if it survives, is not such a crazy idea. Of course, it would cost billions.

As far as Russia, there is a very large affluent population with almost unlimited spending power, but there is also the mob that will rip you off and ridicule you if they can.

I think the OP is asking for representation in Russia. But I am not sure if they could ever pull it off with the english knowledge they have.

BTW, as somebody with English as a second language, I did not find anything wrong with the way Brian H was putting the question. If you know that a person has limited vocabulary, you try to adjust to their needs, and a long, flowery, polite way to put it would only confuse the ESL person.

I am not saying this to contradict, but to point out something a person speaking only one language might overlook :)

Thank you EvaP. Yes, I can see how that could be confusing. Thanks for sharing your perspective.

Elon was hoping to transport his minigreenhouse on the cheap with leftover boosters.

Yes, I have learned, and speak a foreign language on a daily basis. I have been exposed to English since early childhood. English is the second language in my case, with Russian being the first.
My point about Russia is that it may prove to be the sort of market Tesla never intended to cater to in the long run. There is an abundance of money waiting to be spent on "toys", but the niche market can only remain strong for so long.
With the price differences in cars (not to mention customs and taxes) between the US and Russian markets, it's no wonder self described entrepreneurs are rather common on these forums. Importing cars from the US to sell in Russia is a popular business practice. Unfortunately, I'm not sure the OP has a clear understanding that Tesla is not interested in any kind of "help" with representation. I'm not saying it would be impossible for a store to succeed in Moscow, just pointing out that it will not be the easiest market to manage.

Especially not the "Let me help you -- or else" type of assistance! Which has been known to occur there.

TSLAholic, yes, Russia is a huge country. It is as big as a whole continent. Tesla would have to build literally thousands of superchargers and Putin would make up some excuse to throw out Tesla and nationalize the infrastructure. Too big a risk.

And it is true that while there are many rich people, the vast majority is poor by American standards and would never be able to afford a luxury car.

Russia's birth rate is so far below replacement that it will vanish in a cloud of mini-invasions within the century.

I asked a simple question and got a lot of stupid sneers.
The market in Russia is very promising. There is little risk more than than in Europe, where all the economic problems.
Yes I do not speak full well English. But that does not stop me from being successful.
Brian H - what you said evidently funny and foolish because of the low level of culture. Though, I admit that the English you know better than me.

KOLYNICH - These forums are not likely to put you in touch with anyone in charge of business development for the company. Try calling or emailing the company directly.

Best of luck!

Tesla doesn't need help to expand ANYWHERE.

What Tesla needs is TIME TO GROW.

Well, it might need SpaceX help to expand to Mars... :-P

That's covered under growth Timo :P

Car design for 38% G and .01 bar would be radically different, I think.

Free Pussy Riot!!!! :P

Oh, and stop attacking and criminalizing gays while you are at it...

Then, start demanding to get a car built by Californians of which many are probably punk, gay or both. :D

Oooohh. Now we're getting political are we? Best idea I've heard is that the US should show up at the Olympics with rainbow uniforms with purple triangle hats. Ha!

Setting politics aside, Russia is a great market for Tesla.

Just focus on Moscow only as Muscovites really seriously do not move outside of Moscow that much, I mean it is one of those island cities except instead of water you have bears surrrounding.

In ten years you could think about St Petersburg, too.

And do not forget to double the price.

Do it the way I say, I know what I am talking about.

Even if it is, Tesla hasn't grown the capacity to deal with another market yet. They barely have enough trained people to ramp up to supplying the US and they've barely scratched the surface in the EU.
Tesla just CANNOT expand everywhere at the same time, they have to grow in size to deal with the demands of each region before they move onto the next.

Tesla does not have to have any special capacity to deal with the Russian market, they just have to dial the number we all know (Moscow dealership of starts with B ends with W...)

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