Touchless car wash in Monmouth county area

Found a touch-less automatic car wash in Belmar NJ, GPS location 40.170948,-74.044904 ,
Corner of Route 35 and 17th Ave north bound side.

Very reasonable, starting at around $8 for basic and up to $13 depending on what you want to throw on your Model S. I picked the middle one which includes under carriage wash. Credit card or cash accepted, so no worry about coins..

It did a pretty good job, got all the stuff from last week's snow off. All i did was towel dry some left over water after the blow dry.

If anyone else find other touch-less car washes, please post!

Madison Car Wash does a great job. They have one of their employees ride in the car as it goes through the wash. Located next to the Jag dealer on 124 in Madison.

Thanks for the info!

May be we need to start a car wash list :)

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