TSLA just hit 50

And i sold 3 weeks ago at 45 damn it !

It's been a week waiting for it to drop a bit but its going super strong !

:) Tesla grin for both the stock and the driving experience!

Hey guys! Have been here since 2011, just reading, posted a few things.

I've bought TSLA at 26.10(I remember because a) it's listed in my gains/losses from last year, and b) that number 2610 holds meaning to me), sold at 30.00. Bought again at 27.00, sold again at 31.00. Etc, etc,.

It has been an awesome ride, especially since this is my first stock I've ever traded lol. Literally just got my TD account in July 2012.(feel free to check the price charts 1yr back)

Anyway, could yesterday's drop in price be because of 1)the washington scare thing or 2)the Virginia ruling reports?

Keep in mind that for every state that doesn't play ball, the stock will go up. For every state that does, it will go up. This will be a LOOOONG battle, unless Mr. Musk can do it on the federal level.

So be ready for ups/downs, surges, pull backs, as jbunn@hotmail said, timing will always be off. It would be awesome if someone could make like red/blue states for which ones support Tesla/direct sales, and which ones don't. It would be awesome. You could add dates for major rulings for each state. I bought aTesla Motors T shirt, and I swear I'll wear it each of those days, like I would my favorite football team on Sundays lol.


I'm lucky to be able to go to Newport Beach, CA, 5 miles away and check out a Tesla Model S and sit inside. It's lovely. Never driven one though. The more people that never see one in person, the more that won't buy one.

How about this, to end my rant. Why don't we get some Model S owners together (I wish I could count myself among them), and drive through states that outlaw them? lol. Vacation and you know, a petition if you will.

That'll show them.

What does that spell? GOOOOOOO TESLA!!!!

*backflips, somersault*

I've got close to 2,000 shares now some in the mid 30's and some around 42. I put my money where my heart is - in tesla!

Wish I had the ready cash to do the same mwo. All I have is 240 shares, but I got em back when they were 30ish a piece. I'm halfway to doubling my money, but I'm hoping for more in the long run.

It looks like shorts have remained about the same. So I'm thinking the squeeze hasn't really started YET

will it stop rising sometimes? 57 for christ sake !

looks the trend is non-stop and be ready to see the stock price in the 100s by the end of the year. Go Tesla!

The huge jump yesterday was from a report released by a huge hedge fund speculating that TSLA is headed for $200/share in 5 years.

Interesting read.

Hit $58!

I bought thousands of shares the day after my test drive last November. I instantly realized this was going to be a winner and that everything else will soon be obsolete. I haven't sold yet as I'm going very long or $400... whichever comes first.

I don't think the short squeeze has even started yet. I'm hoping for an 'infinite squeeze' where they but at any price (like VW a number of years back).

The eternal puzzle: buy on the way up, sell on the way down -- or vice versa?

Wish I had thousands of shares, but what I do have has now half paid for the used roadster I just got. Needs to go to about $130, then it will have paid for the roadster and the Model S.

question is: will you buy now @$58/share and take the long view? or wait for some breather/correction

Hoping for a bit of a correction here. All my shares bought between 35 and 38.

Bought in at $45 and will buy more now. Plenty of folks saying TSLA could go to $100 or higher. Wish i had gotten in earlier with the rest of you! Also wish my P85+ would get here. Only 6 more weeks, maybe.

@Brian H. It does not matter if it's on the way up or down long as you think it's a good stock and good company. The great stock investing minds like Warrant Buffet or Peter Lynch always stress that one should ignore any short term variations which no one can predicts.

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