Vanity Plates?

Hey folks,
I'm a first-time poster, but a long-time lurker.

I just ordered vanity plates for my Sig and thought I'd start a thread to see what other folks have gotten.
After much deliberation, I got "HC FREE" (California).

I've never had vanity plates before, but as an early adopter, I'm voting with my dollar (ok, many dollars). I want to spread the word for Tesla and electric cars in general, and I figure a vanity plate is a good way to introduce the driving public to an option they may not be aware of. "Hey, that there Aston-Martin is hydrocarbon free! - oh wait, what's a Tesla?"

- Dean

PS: I tried to get "AC 4 ME" but that became unavailable while I was in the process of checking out. If whoever got that is on this forum, you would have missed out if you were a minute slower ;)

UNPLUGD in Virginia. It has a double-meaning for me too. Think Neo unplugging from 'The Matrix' (of gas and oil).

I guess I'm kind of dull. I got Tesla-S.

My personalized plates have been with me since the late 1960s, on a half-dozen different cars. My Orange County California town is Tustin, and because I was Mayor in 1968 through 1972, the DMV issued me TUSTIN. Not much competition, since those were the the first years of the personalized plates program.
On my Civic hybrid, the frame read "Hybrid means never having to plug it in". Of course with the Model S, that would no longer do.

Take a look at

The frame now reads: "Watt makes A.J.'s
S-Car-Go !"

What? So I like puns. So sue me.

Take a look at

The frame now reads: "Watt makes A.J.'s
S-Car-Go !"

Hey AJC nice photos of a proud ear to ear smiling Model S owner.
Where did you get your frame made?

@geekev: I can appreciate those, but the world may never be ready for such geekery :) I'm having second thoughts about GAS404. I'd rather be talking about my Tesla than explaining my plate!

I like gas 404!

I was considering THXELON

But the S-Car-Go is no snail! Bordering on insulting your own ride, there. >;p

I just got approved in Arizona for MYTESLA - I decided to keep it simple:-)

In Va I'm waiting for K1CK GAS

@jbunn: You're the first to mention THXELON. I think it's pretty cool. Better reserve it quick!
@Brian H: Where I was going with GAS404 is if anyone is looking for gas in my car, they get a 404 msg. I work in IT so many people at my job should understand it.

I'm afraid they'll understand it to mean that you burn so much you're always running out!

@BrianH: Lol perhaps! What's yours, btw? Are you going to get one?

Just reserved KICK G4S. Should get it in a few weeks.

Just got approval for mine in NJ: WATTZUP (s was taken)

Just got mine on my all-black P85.....BATT MBL.


Environment in German

Here is a pic of my brand new MS, with my Nevada ZRO GAS plate!


I am one of the "waiting for red" P85 soon to be owners, but ordered and picked up plates last October in Toronto: NO CO2

Hogfighter: It took me a while to get it, but well done!

how about TSLA LG for Tesla Long (stocks)

I'm afraid I over-thought this one. I went with TESLA-S.

better yet, LG TSLA

@nickjhowe - I saw "KICK GAS" at the Folsom supercharger a week ago...

@everyone-else - You guys are lucky, we've got so many EVs here in California all of those good ones are taken. As are a lot of bad ones even... :-/

Sigh... California DMZ declined WTFRUNK. It was worth a try. At least they refunded the $.

@GLarwill, that would have been awesome.

I never really thought about getting a vanity plate for it when I do get my S. But not to be left out, Ill figure something out :)

how about "0-60=4.4"? I dont know if those characters can be used.
or maybe just "NIKOLA"

I dont know. A lot of the ones I see posted here are kind of cheesy :)

I've got TSLA in Massachusetts. The plates are likely to come before the car....

But I love NIKOLA. Wish I'd thought of that.

@cloroxbb - You can only use letters and numbers, and one some plates one special symbol like a heart or a star. I've never seen any with punctuation, etc. I'd like to use a mathematical formula, but without the symbols it just makes no sense. As for NIKOLA, I had the same thought but its taken already in CA. :-(


(Faster Than Gas)

Racer X (Feb 26):
Thanks for the compliment on my frame "Watt makes A.J.'s S-Car-Go!"
Designed it myself and had it made at Imagine That Graphics located at Outlets at Orange, California. Joe Tomeo ( frames for life.

Brian H:
I checked with my S-Car to see if she was insulted as you suggested, and her reply was "A little self-deprecatory irony has its own charm".
BTW, she follows your postings on these forums, and told me she was surprised you of all people failed to take the "S-Car-Go" pun as it was meant, considering your own proclivity toward good (and some meh) punnery.


It was too obvious, and I tried to take it a step beyond, and tripped.

Or perhaps my effort just snailed over everyone's head.

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