Vanity Plates?

Hey folks,
I'm a first-time poster, but a long-time lurker.

I just ordered vanity plates for my Sig and thought I'd start a thread to see what other folks have gotten.
After much deliberation, I got "HC FREE" (California).

I've never had vanity plates before, but as an early adopter, I'm voting with my dollar (ok, many dollars). I want to spread the word for Tesla and electric cars in general, and I figure a vanity plate is a good way to introduce the driving public to an option they may not be aware of. "Hey, that there Aston-Martin is hydrocarbon free! - oh wait, what's a Tesla?"

- Dean

PS: I tried to get "AC 4 ME" but that became unavailable while I was in the process of checking out. If whoever got that is on this forum, you would have missed out if you were a minute slower ;)

My wife has told me my USEJET A plates won't be too cool on this car... I'm still wavering!

It's not nice to mess with DS' heads. They're under a lot of pressure.

I have CLEANPWR on mine. Was considering EFFGAS

mine is FRNKNSTN


TMS5043. California, U.S.A.

After the" Mach GoGoGo" phase with the Model S (Speed Racer reference below)...driving slow is the best. Who doesn't want to drive a Lazy Boy in The Wild?

1967 Speed Racer...

"Go Team"

"Speed, at 19 years of age (age mentioned in Challenge of the Masked Racer), is one of the youngest competitors on the international racing circuit. He's courageous and skillful with plenty of natural talent and quick reflexes. He also happens to be an expert martial artist and has impeccable morals. Speed does what's right even if it means losing or putting himself at risk. And that's a good thing, too - he'd never make it as a bad guy. For instance, in Challenge of the Masked Racer, Speed enters a race against his father's wishes. His imaginative alias? Happy Doodle!

Trixie is a 18 year old girl (age given in Junk Car Grand Prix) who also happens to be a helicopter pilot, navigation whiz (see her quick calculations in Fire Race determining the Mach Five had to average 160 mph to win), and is, wouldn't you know, crazy about Speed. She gets jealous easily when other girls catch Speed's eye, or even appear to! Trixie, like Speed, is also a well-trained, fearless martial artist. Even when the bad guys have the advantage in numbers, you can count on Trixie to keep her cool.

Racer X, unknown to the Racer family, is Speed's older brother Rex. Rex left years ago when he was only 18. Pops had spent years building a car -- red, number one -- which Rex used in a race at the Sunny Downs Track." Ages changed.

I just put in my application for plates in AZ.

Kinda simple I guess. TESLA-S


Yes, I've had the California LINUX plate since about 1993. I've considered selling a car with it attached just to see if I could get more for it, but since the Tesla runs Linux, I figure it's a perfect fit.


With the WA plate "KCK GAS", it's great to see others joining in on the fun in other states.

I've seen at least 4 others post that they got that plate. Love it!


for the most part the plate should not work on a Volt, a leaf or other regular EV


Of course I could also add a Rutgers "R" sticker to the left of it...


Thanks Brian. Don't understand why dropbox breaks the link from here even though the syntax is right...bah!

My try failed too. Dropbox must have a special linking system.


Apparently Dropbox has an issue with PHP as a referrer..

This is from Google Drive and GDURL

I personally think vanity plates are firmly in tool territory with one exception.

If you can make an interesting statement out of normal number plate sequences and its clever then that's acceptable. But getting the high priced letters etc, is a complete wank.

Example of clever use of normal number plate sequence... 713 VOM

In the rear view mirror of the car in front it looks like "Move It"....

I'm probably dating myself here, but did anyone consider F-ZERO? After the game on SNES where you race electric hover cars.

I also reserved LOL-MPG

I just requested ELECTRA (as in Buick Electra 225? or a play on Electron?)

Pro tip for anyone who wants Tesla to do the vanity plate paperwork for you (meaning that they will work with the DMV to send you vanity plates instead of regular random-number plates, so you don't have to drive to DMV to swap them later):

Let your DS know *early on* that you plan to order vanity plates, so they can do all the paperwork long before delivery. I showed up to take delivery of my car today, and I had all the paperwork, but my DS told me they would have needed that information long ago.

I was surprised that AMPS UP was available just now for CA.
I tried a bunch of stuff and it's all taken!

Just got mine. FUTRNRG

Let's see if I can get this picture thing right...

Nope, I guess I can't.



on a MA plate, which goes beautifully with my red. That's why I wanted the picture...

I went with BDBDBD, an homage to the 80s TV show Buck Rogers.


(A spin on Exxon)

Florida plate TEZLA. 2 reasons, TESLA was taken and now people don't stop me as often to ask what car it is. Also selected "support law enforcement" special plate because the red in the plate is the closest to the signature red I could find. It may help with avoiding a ticket, also.

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