Viewing the 17" month with polarized sunglasses.

Next on the list, now that I have my NEMA 14-50R installled and garage cleaned, wile waiting for my P85/white/pano/17/tech, is to decide what type of sunglasses can be used to view the mon.

My optitian asked me if I am a comercial they can not use polarized sunglasses to view electronics avionics as in the process of reducing glair they also reduce the visibility of images produced by liquid crystal displays (LCDs) or light-emitting diode displays (LEDs and he recomended to use non-polarized sunglasses which reduces the list of vendors to few (I mean good quality/high res. sunglasses).

Anyone has seen issues with the S 17" mon using polarized glasses ? is it so bad ? I hate to leave the maui jim's with the ICE car as they don't make non-polarized glasses.


I haven't noticed an issue.

Still in the seventh month, but haven't noticed any issues so far.

No problem also

My polarized glasses work fine with the screen.


I have two pair and both are fine.

I get occasional screen blacks especially with google maps with my polarizing sunglasses.

Mine work fine too.

@syddent - That's nothing to do with your sunglasses. It's due to bad data connections (or something) not loading all the map tiles fast enough.

If your car is equipped with the pano roof, you will need polarized sunglasses to cut the glare and reflections on the 17" control panel.

The monitor works well with polarizing sun glasses, as long as your head is in the normal vertical position on top of your shoulders. If your head (with the glasses) was horizontal, it would completely darken the screen. Of course you can test this by simply rotation your glasses 90 degrees.

I'm sure there are a lot of things that effect this. The particular orientation of your polarization of your glasses. If I read above correctly, the screen is vertically polarized? So if you have horizontal polarization on your sunglasses you would just get a black screen. This happens with my Rayban P sunglasses in my wife's 335xi.

I use 3D glasses...that way I don't have to reach as far. :-)

@JaredBanyard: Exactly. It will depend on the glasses. I can't read my iPad vertically with my polarized Oakleys on, but was sure to test out the Model S display. No issues there. Cheap pair of Fossil aviators? The opposite.

You probably need someone with Maui Jims to chime in. Polarization direction is probably consistent across the brand.

Tilt your head if you need to. I think polarized lenses come in crossed pairs, so you should always be able to see it with at least one eye. Unless you only have one eye.

Sit inside the car, roll your window down a tad, and look at the upper edge of the window against the sky while wearing your polarized glasses. There is a slight darkening of the window towards the edge, only visible with polarized sunglasses.

No problem with Maui Jims. As I understand it, the light that we think of as glare is reflected from flat surfaces and is generally (slightly) horizontally polarized. Both lenses of polarized glasses are orientated so as to reject this horizontally polarized light. At least that is the way every pair I have ever had works.

I haven't noticed any polarization on my touchscreen, but the dash screen is definitely polarized. Hold your polarized sunglasses in front of you, turn them 90 degrees in either direction, and watch the screen go dark.

My Pesols also play well with the dash and the 17" display.


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