Where will your Model S reside?

Tm has this informaton, but I think it would be interesting to develop a snap shot of where Model S' are being sold and will call "home". I'll start:

Signature #84
Vancouver BC

S620. Cherry Hill, NJ

Tally so far:

CN 5
BC 1
ON 1
QC 3

DE 1
NL 1
NO 3

US 43
AZ 1
CA 10
CO 1
CT 1
FL 4
IL 3
IN 1
KY 1
MA 3
MI 3
MO 1
NJ 1
NY 3
OH 1
TX 2
VA 1
WA 5
WY 1
Grand Total 53

Sig #95 Nijkerkerveen (out of all places) The Netherlands

S9 Sydney, Australia

Norman Okla. Sig 655

Robert, You seem to have missed me in OR.

Sorry, Thumper, I ceded Corvallis to Washington State. It's corrected in the spreadsheet and will show up next time I post a tally.

Malvern PA - P1091

Philly P3793

P2747 - Carlsbad, CA

Fremont, CA: P#4491

I can see the factory in the flatlands below my house! :-)

Chapel Hill, NC

Oak Brook, IL - 2 miles from the new tesla store (which took the place of American Apparel).

I will be at the store preview tonight with my wife and/or electrical engineering bud

Sorry, I'm resv 3133

Decatur, GA (P5653)

P2725 -- Milford, CT
Just receive CT license plate MODEL.S
Can't wait to drive this to work (at electric company)

Martin, With that vanity plate, you're obviously single, right?

I'm still considering

@Martin - you just broke my heart! I was thinking of getting that as my plate in CT. Might have to LEET it and go with MOD3L.5

S 173 Memphis, TN (next to Roadster VP0023!)

P2624 Sarasota, FL

Signature #12 - Vancouver, BC

Canadian P39, Gatineau, Québec.

Kailua, HI

An EV is PERFECT for Hawaii.

Rochester, MN

R140 - Weston, FL

Libby & Bruce #P800 Seneca, PA

P#217 Trento Italy

p#206 in montreal, canada !

Bedford NY - S577

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