Why Californians got about half of Tesla Model S of the whole country?

There are about 38 million Californians out of about 300 million Americans. That's 12% of the population. How could it be that about half of Tesla Model S deliveries or 3,000 are in California?

The rest of the country know better just like NYT reporter Broder does?

Rich California while the rest of the country are poorer?

Too many celebrities in CA?

CA risk takers?

Come on, give me some clues please!

Carik, you are mistaken... Have you forgotten?.. Are you not concerned? It is the axis of EVIL.

@carlk, calling anyone a hater is divisive and rather self-unaware. Left wing political partisans "hate" just as many things about the right as right wing partisans "hate" about the left. When you get past the initial positions, on either the left or the right, you find thought out reasons for the positions. Anyways, back OT, sounds like there are a lot of possible reasons for Californians to be early Tesla adopters. I'm a Californian, and pretty far right in my beliefs, yet loved the Tesla when I became aware of it since I'm technical enough to appreciate the huge technological leap it represented. Noiseless, urban pollution free, higher energy efficiency WITHOUT the past electric car compromises is what got me. Then I drove one, and was absolutely hooked. The adequate cargo space (comparable to a small SUV) helped too. The touchscreen and software updates are the cherry on top :-)

The Tesla MS is a tour de force that anyone can appreciate. To accept or reject it because of politics is deeply dim.

I'm not a liberal and live in CA. Absolutely love it. Teslas everywhere. Forward thinking everywhere. I guess all the silly good weather just makes ya think anything is possible.

@shop. Yes liberals hate many things too but not a MS or any other green cars. I have never heard anyone here in the SF bay area say they dislike MS or EV because it's a liberal thing or because Obama administration was promoting it. It's not the case in many other parts of the country where the view is very different. This is just a reason, among many you and others mentioned, but it is definitely a reason.

Fine that you're in Califonia and you're far right. But don't you think perhaps you're using the California standard to rate yourself? Far right in some places wear hoods. Either way Elon did a great job to make a far right like you to become a believer because he made the car so irresistible. ;-)

I should be careful how I label myself. Didn't mean to imply that!

Another brand new MS in my neighbourhood spotted this morning... #8. They are popping up like spring flowers. Looks like the top 1% live in 50 year old 1200 sqft houses. I always knew it the mansions are for the middle class.

I think it is because Californians, especially those from Silicon Valley, are less hesitant to adopt new technology. The pace of change is incredible in the valley.

As a side note, I see between 3 and 9 Model S every day on my morning commute alone... 237W >> 85S >> 280N >> 92E. They should rename Highway 85 the electric freeway, I see at least a dozen electrics in the carpool lane every morning in the span of a 6-7 min drive between 237 and 280.

Two words on that subject Brian: Avro Arrow.

Yeah, Diefenbaker's crime against humanity was expunging that.

Weather. Wealth. CA has about 3/4 of all Porsches, Ferraris, Lamborghini's, etc. It's not a Tesla thing, it's a weather/money thing.

Weather is real bad in CA and we are not wealthy... we just like to complain about yesterdays technology.

It is because the west coast is full of descendants of early pioneers and explorers. It's in our blood.
Trailblazers with one eye on the new frontier.

I believe the smog is why. When you see the smog day in and day out eventually one gets sick of it and wishes to contribute to lower emissions. Also there are many deep and wide pockets in sunny California that has little problems paying the price (! ok now Brian H?)to early adopters. And third it might have to do with the California lifestyle being more focused on green living then what we normally see elsewhere.

hmmm, I have yet to see another Tesla in my dailly commute. I think I need to move to Cali!

@ Kleist

Wow, 8 Tesla Model S cars in your neighbourhood. That must be a very nice view when you go for a walk in your neighbourhood. Which colour is most popular in your neighbourhood?

I think the wealth comments are interesting but IMO only a small factor. Based on median household income, I live in the wealthiest county in the nation (Loudoun County, VA) and the #2 and #3 are also in Northern Virginia. "Poor" Santa Clara County, CA is only #19! By this stat there should be a lot more Model S's in Northern Virginia but it's been about 4 weeks since I've seen another in the wild. This is why I believe the access to chargers, progressive/innovative mindset and yes politics come into play more than simple wealth.

@DFibRL8R, Yes until you looked at population of each counties. Santa Clara County has a population of nearly 2 million that includes many living in the rural and blue collar areas. The result would be totally different if you filter out those with incomes below, say, 80% quartiles. That is reflected in the fact Silicon Valley has a very high share of wealthiest towns in the country.

The wealth is definitely a significant factor you better believe it. Not just cars many of the most expensive real estate markets are also located in this area. There is no reason why "poor" Californians can be bigger spenders than their counterparts in other parts of the nation.

The large number of Californians with Teslas can also be partly explained by the extensive number of stores, service centers and supercharging locations. It's hard to sell a car if the nearest test drive is an hour or more away from home.

From my house in the LA area, I am within reach of three superchargers, two stores and two service centers - and a new service center is opening up soon that is within a ten minute drive. This level of saturation is necessary for mainstream adoption.

It would be interesting to see a graph that will show the expansion of the number of Tesla Model S registrations in California. This graph could show the number of Tesla Model S registrations per week/month, starting in June 2012 till end of March 2013. I would like to see the development of these figures over time (till end of March 2013). Is the line going up or down? Or are the delivies of the Tesla Model S in California showing a steady line (not very likely). Maybe someone can come up with this information?

"The large number of Californians with Teslas can also be partly explained by the extensive number of stores, service centers and supercharging locations. It's hard to sell a car if the nearest test drive is an hour or more away from home."

I think you have that backwards. All those things exist in greater numbers in California because Tesla sells 40% of their cars there. It does have a multiplying effect, though.

Could be Greg. The cause and effect relationship is unknown.

To know it is to love it.

OK, someone has to say it: It's because Californians are cooler than everyone else.

Are you really asking, or making conversation?

Californians are investing in a Californian Company.

Because it's unique, it's different, and we are lucky enough to have it here... enough said...

Is there a way to find out how many Tesla Model S cars were registered in the state of California per month from june 2012 until march 2013? There must be some institution in the state of California where such information can be found.

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