Ein Supercharger-Meilenstein

Im Juni erreichte das Tesla Supercharger-Netzwerk einen Meilenstein: Mehr als 1 GWh wurden in Model S-Fahrzeuge in einem einzigen Monat eingespiesen. Diese Energie entspricht einer Laufleistung von fast 6 Millionen Kilometern, einer Einsparung von mehr als 600.000 Litern Benzin bzw. von mehr als 1900 Tonnen CO2. Damit könnten Sie die Strecke zum Mond und zurück siebeneinhalb Mal zurücklegen oder die tägliche CO2-Bilanz von 73.684 US-Amerikanern voll kompensieren. 

Tesla’s Supercharger network is now the largest fast-charging network on the planet. It’s also the world’s fastest-growing charging network.

At a Supercharger, Model S customers can get half a charge in as little as 20 minutes, and it’s totally free. Supercharger routes now span the entire width of the United States, from Los Angeles to New York, as well as up and down the East Coast and the West Coast. By the end of next year, 98 percent of the U.S. population will be within 100 miles of a Supercharger. We are also aggressively expanding the network in Europe and Asia. Last week alone, we opened eight new Supercharging sites in Europe, bringing the total number of stations on the continent to 32. We unveiled China’s first Superchargers in June and more are coming soon.

You can find a Model S charging at a Supercharger any given second of the day, and to date Superchargers have powered a total of 24.7 million miles of driving – which means the world has been spared the burning of 1.1 million gallons of gasoline.

For more details on the continued global expansion of the Supercharger network, visit www.teslamotors.com/supercharger.


Forward-Looking Statements

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Someone know where this foto was made?


LOVE traveling by Supercharger! We really do. But last Summer while driving off the Supercharger route I began to wonder if the network would "kill" the old-style American road trip... again.

So while we embrace and enjoy the technology, let's not lose an appreciation for the pioneering days before it is ubiquitous.


I keep getting emails about new supercharging stations all over California and I'm starting to feel like a poor stepchild. San Diego is the 2nd largest city in California, 8th largest in the country. Three days ago I saw 3 other Model Ss within a half-mile drive near my office; there are probably at least a dozen Model Ss in my small hometown of Cardiff-by-the-Sea. All this and we don't have a single supercharging station in all of San Diego County. Hey Tesla! We're here! We're here!