AC Vents for 2nd row passangers

Are there AC vents for the 2nd row passengers?

Do you mean second or third row...
2nd row yes, 3rd row no

@gary, Did you see the vents in the back of the opportunity console running down the middle between the two front seats? There's vents on top - in back as if they are facing the person sitting in the center 2nd row seat. Might need to flip the tap to open the vent.

thanks to you both.

Also vents below front seats on the floor board too I believe.

@choots - I don't think so. But there is some airflow down there. Not sure where it's coming from. Perhaps just convection from the front vents.

GeekEV - if you don't have those vents, I received an option you did not. Definitely are vents on each side of the console on the coming up from the floor pointing towards the rear seats. Easy to feel as well when the fan is running.

@GeekEV, I confirm @jjaeger. Move front seats up and take a look below on both sides toward center of car. Black low-profile plastic registers set into floorboard funnel air to 2nd row seats.

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