Any Model S' been stolen?

Curious if anyone has had their car stolen or heard of any thefts? Would think there is not much of a market for the chop shops and joy riders would probably get caught with the GPS capabilities.

I think for the moment, anyone stealing such a car would be so stymied by the charging infrastructure (and how recognizable/rare these cars are), that it would be like trying to steal a train.

Wonder when and if Tesla will put security at it's charging stations. I personally would not want to be alone at one at night.

I accidentally left my key in the car, in in plain sight, while supercharging. I know that proves nothing, except that maybe I'm an idiot.

In St. Petersburg Fla. 83% of all cars stolen were stolen because their owners left their keys in the car.
(40-50% nationwide)

I better stay out of St Petersburg then :)

They will I be never put security at superchargers. It's no more, or less, secure than any other parking spot.

they will I BET I meant to say.

To the uneducated, an unlocked Tesla looks like a locked car, with door handles that they can't figure out and a toy car in the cup holder.

Aren't most cars stolen for parts? Not sure that anyone wants 7,000 lithium ion batteries but you never know!

@CarlE_P439 well it is coming up to Christmas and all those "Batteries not included" toys!

They can steal the car but you will know where it is.

You will only know where it is if they don't disable it in the car. Apple changed the iPhone so you need to enter your password to disable "find my phone".

Telemetrics would still be active. So Tesla will know where it is. Not fool-proof, but it makes stealing one that much more fruitless.

Hahahaha. I can just see the uneducated thief get in the car and look for the start to push button. Easier less conspicuous targets out there, but yeah dont leave the key in the car.

@mjs - Hahahaa... you crack me up!

"push to start", so you need to start to push to start.

Yes, sorry. Head cold + toddlers = muddled brain

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