Best custom license plates?

My car delivers in a week and I would like some help selecting a custom plate. I am in Nashville, TN so there are not many Teslas competing. That said, another Model S had "4GETGAS" and I am terribly jealous! What are some suggestions? Thank you.

CHARGED - oh so many meanings here

ACDC - especially if you like the band

OUTATME - a little reference to the nuclear powered Delorean in Back to the Future

STARK33 - the license plate of Iron Man's alter ego in Iron Man 1 (which btw, the Director of Iron Man said that he fashioned the Tony Stark character after Elon Musk. Elon makes a cameo in Iron Man 2)

Roadster made cameo in Iron Man 1.

From Knoxville I tried to get NOGAS it was taken so I went with 0PETRO. You will love your model S.

I got 4GETGAS in Virginia.

Hahaha, I have to say all these ideas are awesome! However I think my favorite thus far is 0PETRO. Keep those creative juices flowin! =D

Use to search for Vanity plates. There are serveral LONG threads already.

I got "ZRO EMIT" in California.

The wife and I went with... "R TESLA" Not as creative as others, but it's R's!


Those are my choices, whatever my state will get, hopefully sukitopec but I doubt that.

Whatever my state will allow me to get is what I meant.




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