WA State has a bill on the table to extend tax credits to 2023. Please sign in and comment for the future of WA state EV subsidies! =)


legislative session is over-I think has to be reintroduced in next session. Also, write,call, collar the Governor to support this

also, maybe Tesla will do something for those w/X reservations that will prob be scheduled for delivery after June 30,2015??!



This was the Response I got back from Senator Ann Rivers, Guess I will have to adjust my vote:


With our declining gas tax revenue dollars going shorter distance it seems unlikely that this exemption will continue to stand. Thanks for taking the time to share your thoughts.


State Senator Ann Rivers, District 18

Senate Majority Whip, Majority Coalition Caucus

I didn't know that the sales tax is related the gas tax revenue other than they are both taxes. Does she know that EVs pay an extra $100 for tabs just because they don't get to pay the gas tax? It sounds like she needs some additional education.

Yes PatT, I tried to explain that and a few longer sited issues along these lines. Based on her inititial response I feel like she is unlikely to listen to my response to her...I did let her know that her lack of vision for the future will cost her my vote in the near future.

"Does she know that EVs pay an extra $100 for tabs just because they don't get to pay the gas tax?"

Did you know that's still less than the typical ICE driver pays in taxes for gas?

Maybe WSDOT should manage their projects better:

With an original cost of $21 million in 1961, ($127 million in 2011 dollars), the 520 bridge is now estimated at $4.1 billion. With at least $400 million in cost overruns from design errors on the floating pontoons, yes you guessed it, the ERRORS on the new bridge are more than three times what the original bridge COST.

Who's the Engineer of Record who oversaw the design? Drum roll please, why it's WSDOT!

So Ms. Rivers, while I appreciate your feelings about lost revenue from this tax exemption, maybe you can explain to me that a bridge built for $127 million in 2011 dollars now costs $4.1 billion, with overruns exceeding $400 million?

We pay less in gas tax and get a federal tax credit. Maybe that should be good enough.

DTsea, It is enough, for you and me. The tax exemption is a great way to encourage more people to purchase and drive EVs.

Yes, but we risk a backlash with tax breaks for expensive vehicles... I don't want kshwami sawant coming after my model s!

I understand...backlash is a risk. However this risk does not outweigh the benefits, in this case, IMHO. The tax break is for all EV's not just the Tesla.

Too funny about kshwami sawant DTsea.

You must not live in seattle itself.... she isn't funny she is scary.

Eveything is 'tax the rich' with her. And I am pretty sure she would consider any model s owner as rich.

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