Can't get approved for a loan.. suggestions?

So my tesla is ready for pick up, but I just got a call saying that I can't get approved and I would need a co signer. I am a year out of college working as a software developer making 80K living at my parents still so I have no expenses so a tesla is the perfect toy to buy, especially since I have so many ideas for apps to make!

Anyway my credit score is good, but the banks say my credit history isn't long enough. And I bought my current car for 20K cash a few years ago, which I now regret for my credit. Basically they said that the only way I could get this car is if I came up with enough cash to buy it, however that would not help my credit at all and that is one of the reasons I want to get this car. Would anyone have any suggestions what I can do? A co signer is out of the question since I make more than anyone else in my family...

Any advice would be nice! thanks!


If you were my son. I dont know how much you drive a day.

It's your first electric car and you are 25 years old why don't you get 2013 EV Smart Car. My daughter is 23 years old is getting one. ($25K) Save up. Tesla has work and help refine the Smart Car with MB. When I was in German I took a test tdrive and was surprise how fast it was. OK it's no Model S. Unless you want to show off.

Anyway it's your life. Do what you want. Nobody can tell you what is right for you.

Have a nice day

really want to know what ever happened to alexeb112 and his loan problems. Anyone know if he ever got approved or what he did he doesnt comment on this thread anymore. For my story Im on my way paid off one 500 limit credit card to strat the credit reapair process, i know its small amount but want to do everything possible to get credit back in check so when im ready at end of year i dont have same problems.


Please let us know if you got your car (and loan). I'm sure others can benefit by knowing how it turned out.

yes let us know

set up my penfed account today, even though im not looking to buy till end of year. I just did the basic savings account is that all you need or do you have to establish checking account as well ?

I think you have to donate $15 to one of their 2 military charities. PenFed stands for Pentagon Federal Credit Union.

Well there is nothing wrong living with parents provided you have a good goal. For example, I'd be fine with my kid making even $200K and living with me provided he a) does not bother me and b) *saving* the money. I certainly wouldn't want him/her to take advantage of me and buy $100K car. But save money to, say, start their own business or use spare money and finance side startup work? Perhaps hiring someone to help you implement those apps you are thinking of? That would be fine with me.

So what's the latest Alex? Just curious. Thanks for sharing.

Seems to be a cultural thing. I would never have come up with the idea to put myself one year salary in debt for a car in my first years at a job. And those recommendations with credit cards, etc. The next bubble the US will entertain the world with bursting is the credit cards debt that can't be paid (then transferred to all words tax payers to save the banking system), in addition to the whole country being officially unable to pay their bills from Thursday (sorry, could not resist).

Why don't you wait until you can actually afford a car like the MS and then you won't have any issue. Sorry for the clear words.

If you want some debt why not start with something essential like a flat or house? Rent you will have to pay some time anyway if you don't. I don't want to pay for your car.

...worlds tax payers...

I want edit functionality ;-)

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