Car is sitting in Philly Airport Bricking

I parked my car at Philly Airport to head to NC for my father's funeral. It's losing charge at such a high rate it will be empty by the time I get back on Monday. I wish someone had told me not to leave the car in an airport.

Roadside Assistance didn't have any answers except to hope for the best (that's literally what they said).

Any suggestions other than flying home to rescue the car and miss my father's funeral.

That doesn't sound right. I sincerely doubt you would lose all charge in a few days. You would also be contacted by Tesla if there was any risk to your battery. Your remote app. can tell you your charge state. Sorry for the loss of your father.

i thought the vampire load was supposed to decrease as the charge level reached 5-10% of maximum. I think you should be ok. Give Tesla a call. Let them know what your current charge level is and when you return. They will advise you.

You might not have much range left, but based on previous threads I have read, you should be able to leave the car for at least several weeks or longer without the fear of it bricking.

How many miles is it loosing an hour?

if you can get me a fob i will go there there and get your car and charge it up at my house and leave it back there for you as i am flying out of philly on sunday night.

Maybe you could download the ios or android app and check on it?

As far as i understood, when the battery drops below 50% from sitting idle, the car basically goes into deep sleep, and the load is very minimal. So you may be losing a lot of energy initially, but that doesn't mean it will be like that until it drops to zero.

Philly airport doesn't have EV chargers? Denver airport has charger parking spots reserved for EVs, inside the garage, right next to the handicap spaces. Free.


What an amazingly generous offer! You are the epitome of the Good Samaritan. We should all follow your example.

Hi Dan, I saw your post and forwarded it to the right people. Just wanted to let you know that you will be contacted by Tesla Service in the morning.

Remain positive! Our S has been sitting for 9 days without charging. Started with only 190 and as of today it's down to 109. Glad to have the app to keep up on how many miles are left. But we live in CA and the weather isn't like what your S is going thru. Keep us posted.......

Cool that TM are watching the forum. +1 @jmeyers

And +1 @Noel.

The lower the SOC gets the slower the rate of discharge. IMHO, provided you get back within two weeks or so, the battery should still have some charge, it's just impossible to tell how much it'll have.

Is there anywhere near where you can recharge it after you get back?

You should be ok….

Volker.Berlin | FEBRUARY 24, 2012
Tesla cared to publish a reply:

Excerpt: The earliest Roadsters will take over two months to discharge if parked at a 50 percent charge without being plugged in. From that starting point, Tesla has consistently innovated and improved our battery technology. For example, a Model S battery parked with 50 percent charge would approach full discharge only after about 12 months. Model S batteries also have the ability to protect themselves as they approach very low charge levels by going into a “deep sleep” mode that lowers the loss even further. A Model S will not allow its battery to fall below about 5 percent charge. At that point the car can still sit for many months. Of course you can drive a Model S to 0 percent charge, but even in that circumstance, if you plug it in within 30 days, the battery will recover normally.

@DandD..I just saw the post...I would be more than happy to help as well...I will call and follow up with Philly Service Center and see if there is anything I can do as well. I am in South Jersey and would be more than happy to store your car at our house in one of my garages as well. It will keeep our S happy until the X arrives. I can be contacted at

@David--Philly is the City of Brotherly Love but the airport at $24 dollars a day for short term parking hasn't thought to add EV chargers yet.

@DanD - Looks like Tesla service will take care of you but the offer still stands. Also if you need to add any range for your travel home you are welcome to charge at my place in Havertown, exit 9 off of 476, about 15 miles from the airport.
good to see so many willing to help you! you will be ok. Sorry about your loss.

This raises an interesting question (feature request?) could I share my charge with another Model S owner.

Say I'm fully charged and a fellow MS owners is (almost) stranded it would be nice if I could connect my car to be the charger of the other car and e.g. 'move' 50% (at high speed DC) over to the other car....

@jeroens - I thought the same thing,. should be added to the future enhancements list. need an adapter for the end of our charging cable and the necessary software controls for the charging screens. could be an awesome application. Wonder if its possible..

@DanD, sorry for your loss. Worrying about Tesla should be the last thing on your mind, especially during this time for you. I am glad that the Tesla ownsers family is here to help you out in any way we can.

+1 Noel.

Hmmmmmm, this sounds terrible. Waiting to hear an update from DanD. Lots of good advice from the Tesla community. Very sorry for your loss.

@ jeroens,

A very good idea! See the positive response to DanD's dilemma. We are still a 'selected few' and as all Haley Davidson riders know (yes, I am one), on the road we are family and will help out should anyone be in need, anywhere. And frankly, the chance of loosing juice is one of the things we are all going to face sooner or later. A transfer possibility is THE thing. TM needs to take this option seriously.

Also opens the possibility of service trucks with honkin' great 500kWh batteries on call to fast-charge strandees!

AAA offers electric charging services:

Not sure how widespread it is at this point (article is from July).

Yeah, now they just need to make the batteries bigger and the Charging Level faster than Level 3, and Bob's your uncle!

@ Brian

Sounds like a business opportunity "on the horizon". Any investors out there, I'll draft a prospectus I need a new job anyway!

fun, but seriously...

There is a great community spirit under Model S drivers and sharing juice would be a great thing.

I would share with anyone in need and this would be a great (industry & community) statement (and might also lessen the range anxiety discussions)

and think about having an app in the car that would send out the distress signal to all Tesla Owners who would get a map location of the stranded driver and the ability to respond through the app to let the other Teslites know that you have this one covered.. when there are tens of thousands of these on the road this may work very well. If it can be done without damaging the good samaritan's battery and the technology can work, this could be pretty cool...

+1 Noel

Better us Model S owners come to the rescue!

I have my doubts about AAA

"The trucks will be able to provide 10 to 15 minutes of charge time, which should provide enough juice for the EVs to travel three to 15 miles to a charging station to top off the charge, according to AAA."

I find it hard to believe that they could put a level 3 charger (480 volts) on a tow truck. And if not, 3 to 15 miles in 10 to 15 minutes sounds very optimistic. Maybe 3 miles is possible, but not 15.

Here's your supplier for your business opportunity:

$41,500 for their level 2 fast charger...


$41,500 is for the Level 3 charger. Level 2 for about $10,000.

Makes that idea of a Model S to Model S connector sound much more cost effective!

DanD has been around this forum for a while now. I would imagine he has seen the posts about the batteries for the S and the Roadster. Still curious to hear the dire report about what level his charge is actually at. The battery is certainly not bricking just running down on charge. It won't start bricking until it reach zero charge...... but anything for attention I guess.

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