Center console

Anybody but me disappointed in the cost of the after market center console? At this price, I will certainly give myself time to appreciate the original design. Just got my car yesterday. :)

Had the opportunity to visit the CCI factory in south Florida yesterday and was very impressed with the operation. I held the product and saw it installed in the MS. The fit and finish was excellent, with high quality materials used throughout. The stitching was straight and the stitching on the side panels emulated that of the door panels. Definitely worth considering if you want your car to be both functional and have that "finished" look.

ylyubarsky: like the design but there is no where to rest your right arm on comfortably. You would need to build that up a little bit to make a comfortable arm rest.

rbgliny. With the addition of the CCI cup holder you can slide the factory installed armrest forward covering the Tesla cup holder. Thathas worked for me.

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