Cleaning the 17" Display

Does anyone know how to turn off the display so that it can be cleaned without sending the menus into a frenzy?

Reset the screen, it gives you about 20 seconds to clean the touch screen

Use a glove.

1) Fold a cloth over several times.
-- or --
2) Select our dark-screen app at: and make it full screen. There are no touch points on this page, but the Tesla buttons at the very top and very bottom are still active.

I usually just spray the screen with a computer screen cleaning solution, and then reboot the system. As soon as the screen goes black, I then quickly take my microfiber cloth, and start cleaning it.

It would be nice if we did have a special hard-button hidden under the dash to shut down the touch-screen for cleaning (like on an iPad).

why can't you just turn OFF the car?

I use the eyeglass cleaning cloth you get when you buy glasses at Costco --- undetectable on the touchscreen. I guess it's sort of suede-like.

Ditto, i got a screen cleaner pad from Office Depot and the car does not respond. You can use it any time without issues...

I really haven't had a problem. I just fold up a cloth or napkin a few times.

Take two microfiber cloths fold them into fourths, then fold over AGAIN, this will work without activating any apps.

@jchangyy - because as soon as you touch the screen it turns the screen on again.

Reset screen, you will get an extra 20 seconds for screen cleaning.

Fold the microfibre cloth double. If that doesn't work, repeat.

Brian, I've been folding my microfiber cloth until it's too fat to fold any more. My screen is still dirty!

These Targus cleaning pads are perfect, as they allow you to wipe the screen without triggering it:

They fit perfectly in the little cubby and are leather backed (so the black ones go nicely with the interior trim).

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