Cracking Noise coming from panoramic roof

I have had my 85kWH Model S for 2 months now. There is an annoying creaking/cracking noise coming from the support bar on the roof of the car. It is not temperature based since I live in the Bay Area. I continues all day long and drives me crazy since the cabin is so quiet. Every turn, bump, all I hear is cracking noise. Any other Tesla owners having this issue. Also, had the car hand washed and noticed fogging, and moisture in the front and rear lights. Last thing, and the most frustrating, is my Model S has been sitting in the garage, unable to open Charge Port. Rebooted, tried to "pry open", tried via computer and wifi on my phone. Just sitting and waiting for service to "fit me in". Other than that, the most amazing car I have ever owned.

I have crackling issue.. Been waiting for some posting here of a fix....

I HAD that crackling issue also, the Tesla rangers took my car for the day and fixed it, something to do with the sealant.

I have the same issue as well, very annoying sound coming whenever i go over minor road imperfections.

I've had it as well since delivery (November). Been to service twice for this issue. No resolution yet. Drove a 2013 Panamera the other day...reminded me of what quiet can be.

I've had the same noise, too. I'm glad to hear you've had the problem resolved @eman.

I noticed the noise recently when I had the roof opened, it persisted after I closed it. I opened and closed again and it was gone.

I have the same problem and have scheduled an appointment for Monday. Hope it is resolved as it drives me crazy!!

I had the creaking problem after a few weeks and it was driving me crazy. I took it in to the Menlo Park service station and they did a quick fix (about 1/2 an hour - I think they added some washers). It's much better now, but still noticeable when the sunroof is open/vented. I'm hoping I can hold out until my 1-yr service if it doesn't get worse again. Time will tell...

Too bad this isn't private.

I have it too. It's a stark contrast to the rest of the quite cabin. It is quieter when cold (so not bad) but obnoxious when in the hot sun. I drove a friends (tech4ever) black MS with pano the other day; it was perfectly quite. I think it's the plastic atop the "rollbar". I take it to the SC this coming Monday for replacement (the parts are in) so I'll let you know how it goes. They will take care of a few other minor things so it will be a couple days. I can't say enough good things about the crew at the Costa Mesa SC.

I'll miss the daily drive for sure. Great car!, regardless of the growing pains.

I have the issue too and figured out how to reproduce the sound. For me it is a occasional and very noticable 'Tih' sound with an emphasis on the T. Kinda sounds like something sticky being stuck to and repetatively being pulled off of a peice of metal. For me, it is coming from the ceiling crossbar on the driver side. I have the sunroof. If I sit and the back and wrap my fingers up around the gap at the top of the bar on both sides and then gently apply a downward presure from the top edge of the metal cross bar (not the plastic cover) alternating pressure on the front, then the back I can duplicate the sound.

@write.mikeadams Same here, driver's side specific and easy to make happen. The bar seems to be aluminum on the bottom and plastic on the top fused/glued together.

I was thinking it was just me (I saw one other mention a month or so back). That's too bad, but they'll fix it.

Oh, an forgot to add... with the pano roof all the way open standing up in the back I can mostly see how the bar is held on. My bracket looked like it was greased up in addition to what appeared to be a felt washer where it is bolted on, but not obvious what exact spot is making the sound. I don't want to get in trouble messing with things. At least I figured out how to reproduce the sound at will, which is probably half the battle.

Our car has had this problem since day one, got it in november. I was hoping it would go away thru some sort of breakin, but after 4000 miles I finally took it in to see if they could fix it. All they did was grease the rails. It still has the issue like described. It only creaks when it is opened to any degree. They told me they might just wait until there is a redesign to fix the issue since it is quite common and will notify me when they do have a real fix.
It doesn't stop me from driving the car, but when you show it off, its a bummer to have a noise like that since the car is so quiet.
I also tried to get one of those elusive P85 badges and struck out on that as well.

If at first you don't succeed ...

The badges are supposed to be universally available, AFAIK. (But I've never heard of a '40' one.)

Had the same noise, they removed the glass roof and fixed it. That was 3 months ago, it's coming back in a different area. Yikes!

I have had the same problem since day 1 of the sunroof squeaking when it is fully closed, especially on the terrible surface roads here in San Francisco. In talking on the phone to service today I was told they know of this common problem and have a temporary fix to lessen the noise and are working on a more permanent fix. They will send out a bulletin to us when a fix is available.

Yea +1 on what I believe is officially called the pano creak:) Going to wait for my parcel shelf and spoiler to ask them to look. Don't like the sound of removing the pano.

All I can offer is that the Tesla Rangers in Watertown, MA were able to fix this, so maybe relay this...that they know how to fix the issue because that's where mine went for the fix.

Tesla has a service bullitin on this. Mine goes in in the 9th for the fix

I had the creaking noise from my pano roof 3 days after delivery. Took it in to Freemont Service center and after 3 days in the service center (they took out the roof--"cut the glass"), creak is gone. It's been almost a month and so far so good. (knock on wood, cross my fingers, etc).

I spoke to a tech at Rockville today and he said the fix basically consists of adding the sun shades to the pano roof... Not sure if this is what everyone else has been told but i'm a little weary of this as a fix.


Don't knock too hard, you can damage yourself.

I had the problem about 2 weeks into ownership. Very annoying. Had the car in Menlo Park service center for the past couple of days and they are returning it this evening. Hope the problem is resolved. Will report back when I test it later this evening...

I just hit the 1200 mile mark and I am getting the same creak out of my roof. Thanks for passing along any news you may have regarding the fix.

Whew. A few months ago, my mom had her sunroof fly off her caddy while driving down the interstate. It was a custom install and I was ribbing her about getting a sunroof. "Why would you spend money on that?" When I ordered my Tesla, my wife and I joked about the problems that the pano might have and decided that my mom would never let me off the hook if there was a problem. I'm going without the pano - it would have been really nice to have it, but now that I hear the stories about "pano-creak", I'm glad I came to this decision. If just a visit by a ranger is all it takes to fix the problem, no worries.

Happy to report no creaks any more after I got the car back from the service center. There is a tech bulletin out and I believe the problem is with the plastic cover on the bar between the sunroof and the fixed glass panel. Haven't looked extensively, but it seems the re-glued the part with some spacers...

i have a p85 with pano roof with creaking over the left shoulder of the driver side. i got the plastic cover off that runs left to right
at the inside top of the car covering a heavy metal bracing located just behind the driver. tried different things to stop the noise but nothing helped. Then i removed the plastic and drove the car plastic removed and the sound was still there. Got the car in to Toronto service for a few minor problems including the cracking. I picked up the car and was told the head liner at the front of the car was adjusted and the cracking was gone.
The cracking noise is NOT gone and is as bad as ever. Phoned Service as i drove away told them the noise was still there and i am waiting for a new appointment to try again

I had that same annoying problem. I realise that when I set the roof open at VENT there was no more creaking.

I fixed this issue definitively by using rubber friendly lubricant (silicone grease) on the three alignments grommets that are part of the back side of the sliding roof. Open the roof at vent. These grommets are located on the back side (right, center and left). These are about 1/4in diam. x 2in long. When you close the roof, they tightly fit inside a continuous groove that is part of the back part of the fix roof, right over the cross bar. From outside the car, roof at VENT, grease the 3 grommets and the section of the groove where they fit when the roof close.

By magic, they are no more creaking, at lease in my case.

(Sorry for my English, I am very satisfied French Canadian MS owner).

I also sprayed rubber friendly lube all around the insides near the rails, etc.
Creaking disappeared. Then came back (but just a bit).
I took the car into the Queens, NY Service Center. They were very friendly. Did my alignment, rotated tires (my request), installed the rear facing child seats, front license plate, and tried to eliminate the creak. The technician working on my car said that the fix (if his first attempt didn't work) was that they send it to a body shop and work with the body shop to completely remove and reinstall the moonroof. He says it's worth it.
Well, I drove my car home and there is still a small creak. So I might take it back (eventually). But it's OK for now...

I have a feeling the creaking is related to the extensive use of aluminum. Aluminum has a tendency to creak...

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