Delivery date moved back!

Sad that my date just moved back to late aug from aug.

That is disappointing. What was your original confirmation date?

My guess would be that they originally estimated it would be done before the factory update and instead is going to be done afterwards.

I was told by my DS that the delivery date goes by the order date. If you have not confirmed yet the date on the dashboard may vary. Mine first said July, then Late July then again July when I confirmed. "July", however turned out to be July 18. I would think that this "late" July but who knows. The car just finished production on Thursday (Jul 3). Seems like I may get it a couple of days early but who knows. I am in NY.

I confirmed in May, the 23rd I believe. It said Aug, changed to late aug, changed to aug, and now back to late aug. Go figure. It's a p85+ so I get priority delivery right?

Yes, they usually prioritize the P85 - the websites says "priority delivery".

But isn't your delivery date still the same as when you ordered - August? Looks like they are just trying to narrow it down and give you a better idea when in August it will be delivered.

AZNick, I confirmed an S85 on May 24th and my delivery date is September, so you definitely have some priority benefits there.

Your long delivery time, and the change in estimated delivery, may have something to do with the July shutdown. People ordering a P85 now (6 weeks after you) have a "Late September" delivery estimate, roughly a 2-week shorter wait.


Seems like demand in the US is really booming, huh?

3 month wait . . .and growing.

I confirmed May 14 and have a late July delivery date. I would have waited a few more months had I delayed my confirmation by a week or so.


FYI. I confirmed on May 20. S85 to SoCal. Estimated delivery is "Late August". That date has not changed since I confirmed.

Yes demand seems to be way outpacing production even when the new Panasonic battery expansion is supposed to help supply more battery cells.

Was 2 months (socalsam), went up to 3 months (AZNick), and now is 2.5 months (website).

Looks like normal variation in wait time based on plant shutdown, international production, batching.

It will be interesting to see what happens with wait times over the next couple of months. For the past 10 months they have been expanding into new markets - are they going into any major new markets through the end of the year?

Our delivery date has been set six times (by the DS), twice at my request, the other four for I'm not sure what reasons exactly. Doesn't matter. A month here, a month there makes no difference.

Let the haters begin ;-)

Got an actual date today! 8/14/14!

@AZNick Don't get your hopes up.

AZNick, Great.
J.T. Newbies desperate for a target. It makes it all seem real. :)

Your original date was August, and delivery date is set for August 14?

Title of the thread is a little confusing.

AZNick, it will arrive for sure on the 14th. I can say that with authority because its my birthday...and my birthday's lately always come toooo soon. ;-)

AZNick: I'm told I get my P85+ 24 hour before you . . . confirmed on 5-17. I'll be sure to leave tire tracks in the parking lot for you to follow! Counting the days.

Ooooops; they just pushed me back from 8-13 to 8-20. grrrrrrr

I confirmed S85 May 22. Noticed a VIN assigned June 30. Had been showing a late August delivery date. Yesterday noticed it was changed to September. Due to factory shutdown? Demand? Other?

I also confirmed an S85 on May 22. Delivery has always said September and a VIN has not been assigned so far. Delivery has been scheduled for September 10 at the Devon SC.

My delivery date got moved from late October to late November now. Does anyone know why?

@wgeri We can't know for sure, but general consensus is that they are prioritizing certain international/long-delivery-time builds so they can get a greater number of deliveries completed by year-end.

Having said that it's also likely they've decided to be more conservative on estimated delivery times so odds of future delays are lower.

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