Driving in the Snow is Dangerous

Drove my new Tesla Model S today to get home from the store in our neighborhood after it started snowing and the car skidded all over the road. Tried to make it up the last, small hill to my house and it barely made it. Actually went sidways for a bit going about 2 miles mph, straighted it and finally got up the hill that is a 4% grade and about 60 feet long. I would not recommend driving it in the snow as it was delivered. If my wife or perhaps someone else not as skilled had driven it, trying to make it a few blocks home from the store, I'm sure they would have crashed.

I can't speak about peformance with all weather tires but I can't see how it would be that much better. My Panamera Turbo, (which is all wheel drive) can make it up the hill easily, without skidding at all and does not have all weather tires. Also other neighbors who have two wheel drive cars without all weather tires can make it up this little hill easily in the snow.

So, the short of it is, please be careful if you are out in the snow without all whether tires because the car as shipped may certainly not capable of driving around town, even with an experienced driver.

I turned off my traction control in heavier snow with my 19 inch winter tires; my tires spun a lot and the traction control kept stopping the wheels. When the traction control is off, the car still keeps itself from sliding side to side, but it gave me enough momentum to plow through the slippery snow and ice.

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