Elon Musk bets Dan Neil $1 million he can get Tesla Model S out on time

Dan Neil is an auto columnist for the Wall Street journal, and is also on Adam Carolla's "The Car Show" on SpeedTV (which is actually a very enjoyable show. Another co-host, former NBA player John Salley mentioned having a deposit on a Model S on an episode about a month ago).


It seems the bet is 95% settled
"FLATOW: Uh-huh. Well, let's talk about something more that you do know about, your car company. When do we expect to see a Tesla that's come down, your second-generation car?

MUSK: So that's all looking really good. We're planning to deliver the Model S to the customers in the middle of next year. And then on October 1, we're going to have a big customer ride event and factory tour, so - it's exclusively for customers that have put down a deposit on our Model S sedan. And I think they'll be really blown away by the capabilities of the car. It's, yeah, I think it's really going to be - really going to love it when they see what it's like.

You know, the Model S sedan has a range of up to 300 miles, pure electric. It's got - and there's a performance version that's as - (unintelligible) beat a BMW M5 around a track. So it's got great, great performance handling. I think the styling is great. We're also aiming for it to be the safest car in the world in terms of being five star in every single category, which - that there isn't - no car is five star in every category.

FLATOW: And what's the price you're asking for this car?

MUSK: It starts at $50,000.

FLATOW: Mm-hmm.

MUSK: It's kind of like a, you know, priced similar to a BMW 5 series.

FLATOW: Mm-hmm.

MUSK: Yeah.

FLATOW: We're talking with Elon Musk this hour at SCIENCE FRIDAY from NPR, and talking about that Tesla. 'Cause I did see your profile in "The Revenge of the Electric Car." So it's kind of interesting to watch you dealing with your customers there.

MUSK: Yeah.

FLATOW: And can you bring it on time and on schedule, as they always ask?

MUSK: Yeah. It's, I mean, at this point there's really not a lot of uncertainty associated with the Model S. We've sourced all of the components in the car. The factory is making great progress. I think the car is actually better than what people expect it to be."

I've heard nothing about the replacable battery the bet requires.

...and how about more information about the "Model S Sport"?

Yea, it has the replaceable battery.

There isn't really more info about the Model S sport. Elon has mentioned it several times. There's a good thread here where it is being discussed.

My personal theory is that they don't really want to advertise the capabilities of the Model S Sport as they are still trying to sell Roadsters in some countries. Once Roadster is completely out of production I'm sure we'll get the announcement with specifics on the Model S Sport.

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